Shraddha had sent this message to a friend just before the murder, the last Instagram chat surfaced

Shraddha Aftab Instagram Chat: Everyday new revelations are happening in the Shraddha murder case. Accused Aftab Poonawalla is making big revelations one by one in the police interrogation. Now another big news related to this murder case has come to the fore. This is Shraddha Walker’s last Instagram chat. In her last chat, Shraddha messaged her friend Karan that she has some news to share but is currently very busy with some work. 

After this message from Shraddha, Karan asks again on May 18, "What news do you have?" On September 24, Karan again asks if she is safe. Now this message is read, but Karan does not get any reply. In such a situation, it is believed that Aftab was accessing Instagram from Shraddha’s mobile. Aftab was using Shraddha’s Instagram to talk to her friends.

Aftab throws saw-blade in Gurugram

Aftab kills Shraddha

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