Shraddha murder case: Aftab’s police remand will end today, polygraph test will be done before narco

Shraddha Walker Murder Case: The five-day police remand of Aftab Poonawala, accused in the sensational Shraddha Walker murder case, is going to end today (22 November). Delhi Police may seek extension of his custody to investigate the matter. On November 17, the court had asked Aftab’s narco test to be conducted within five days.

Delhi Police, a day earlier on November 21, while giving an application in the court, demanded a polygraph test of Aftab. Permission has been received from the court to conduct a polygraph test of accused Aftab. At the same time, Aftab’s narco test will also be done. The police will try to extract the truth from the accused Aftab through these two tests. In one of these, physically, while in the other, the accused Aftab will be interrogated in a half-conscious state.

Chances of Aftab facing polygraph test i.e. lie detector machine are being told more today also because Aftab’s remand period is coming to an end on Tuesday itself. Delhi Police will present Aftab in the court and may demand extension of his remand. What is the general difference between the two tests?

Polygraph Test

Narco Analysis Test 

In narco analysis test, a person is brought to a half-conscious state by injection and in such a condition, he gives the correct answer to whatever is asked of him. Means his mind is not able to remain active to lie. In this situation, if the person asking the question asks the question in the right way, then he can also give the right answer. During this test, the investigating officer or forensic expert also sits with the psychologist.

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