Shraddha Murder Case: Forensic experts told what kind of weapon Aftab dismembered

Shraddha Murder Case: Forensic experts and lawyers suspect that Aftab Amin Poonawalla used a large serrated knife to commit the crime. These forensic experts and lawyers have come across many such cases in which the bodies were dismembered after the crime was committed.

Filmmaker Neeraj Grover murder case bears resemblance – expert

Experts say the weapons used in the first such cases were either electric cutters or 18 to 20-inch serrated-toothed knives. Criminal lawyer R. V. Kini represented the prosecution in the 2008 film producer Neeraj Grover murder case. Referring to the convicts in the case, Maria Monica Susairaj and Emil Jerome Joseph, he said that Neeraj’s body was cut into more than 30 pieces. Putting these pieces in a bag, an attempt was made to burn it on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Kinney said, ‘‘ He used two weapons. A sharp edged knife and saw-toothed knife… which was about 18 inches long including the handle. The body was cut into so many parts that it is not easy to tell the total number of pieces, but I think they were more than 30.’’ Kini said, ‘‘ I think a similar weapon was used in the Shraddha Walker murder case.’’

Husband cut his wife into 70 pieces with an iron cutter…

Another similar case is of 2010, in which Rajesh Gulati killed his wife in Dehradun and allegedly cut her body into more than 70 pieces with iron cutters, wood cutters and stone cutters. A booklet containing instructions on the use of iron cutters was also recovered by the police.

Deputy Advocate General of Uttarakhand Government J.S. Virk told that after killing his wife, Gulati cut her body into several pieces to hide her identity and used several weapons for this. Virk said, ‘‘ According to reports, the dead body was cut into more than 70 pieces, but this is wrong. All in all, I remember that he cut the body into several pieces, about 30 or 40 and put it in a ‘deep freezer’ kept in ’’ He said, ‘‘ There is a lot of similarity in the way Gulati and Aftab committed the crime. Both tried to hide the cut pieces of the dead body by throwing it at different places.’’

Saw cannot go smoothly on skin – Forensic expert 

A senior forensic expert of the government hospital told on the condition of anonymity that he has done the post-mortem of the pieces of dead bodies in many such cases. Looking at the anatomy of the human body, a body can be easily cut into 12 to 13 pieces from the joints. Forensic expert said, ‘‘ To cut the carcass into more than 13 pieces, one would need an electric saw or cutter. With such weapons, a dead body can be cut into several pieces within a few minutes.’’ He said, ‘‘ Electric cutters make a lot of noise so criminals often use hand saws which take a lot of time. There are also cases where the skin is first removed with a sharp knife and then the bones are cut with a serrated knife.’’

Forensic expert told that the saw cannot easily move on the skin but once the skin is removed it becomes easy to cut the bone. Significantly, Poonawalla and Shraddha met through a dating app. After this they started working together in a call center in Mumbai and the love affair between the two started from there. His parents had objections to their relationship due to their belonging to different religions, that’s why they had come to Delhi.

There was a dispute regarding marriage

There was an argument between the two allegedly over marriage on May 18, following which Poonawala killed Shraddha and cut her body into 35 pieces. Poonawalla kept these pieces in a 300-litre fridge for about three weeks at his home in Mehrauli, south Delhi. He used to go for several days at midnight to throw them all over the city.

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