Shraddha murder case: Police filed charge sheet of 6629 pages, Aftab demanded change of lawyer

Delhi Police has filed its charge sheet on Tuesday regarding Shraddha Walkar Murder Case. In this charge sheet of 6629 pages, the police have included all the aspects related to this murder case. The police also produced Aftab Ameen Poonawala, the main accused in the case, in the court through video conferencing. During his appearance in the court, Aftab demanded to change his lawyer. Also, he said that the copy of the charge sheet should be given to him instead of his lawyer.

After filing the charge sheet in the Shraddha case, Delhi Police’s Joint CP Meenu Chowdhary said that we had arrested Aftab on November 12 following a complaint received from Shraddha Walkar’s father. We had formed 9 teams to investigate this massacre. We also sent our teams to Haryana, Himachal and Maharashtra to ensure that there is no shortcoming in the investigation. During the investigation, our aim was to first collect other parts of Shraddha’s body. It took a lot of hard work and many days. During the investigation of the case, our team also took a lot of help from technology and science. We got DNA test done, forensic tests were also done.

Meenu Chowdhary said that to know whether the accused Aftab is lying to the police or hiding something, we also got his narco test done. The help of FSL and CFSL was also taken in the investigation of this matter. After the incident, our team also checked many CCTV footages of that area. The team also examined digital evidence. After doing all this, today we have filed our charge sheet in this matter. Before filing the charge sheet, we also recorded statements of more than 150 witnesses during the investigation of this case. During investigation, it was found that the accused had used more than five weapons to cut Shraddha’s body. We have filed a charge sheet under sections 302 and 201 regarding this whole matter.

Please tell that in Delhi’s Shraddha Walker murder case, live-in partner and accused Aftab Amin Poonawala’s narco test was done. Dr. Naveen of Anesthesia, Ambedkar Hospital, Delhi had said that the narco test started at 10 am and was over after about 2 hours.

There were two doctors of Ambedkar Hospital in the narco test of Aftab Poonawala, in which the doctor of anesthesia was Naveen and a junior doctor. Apart from this, a psychologist and two photo experts were involved from the team of Forensic Science Lab. According to the report, videography of Aftab’s narco test was also done.

Aftab’s alleged new girlfriend was also questioned
Delhi Police had interrogated Aftab’s new girlfriend. He had said that he had nothing to do with Shraddha’s murder or its pieces. The girl had told that when she used to come to Aftab’s house to meet her, she had no idea that Aftab had kept the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body in this house. Please tell that Aftab had also gifted her a ring of Shraddha, which was recovered by the police. According to the police, the accused Aftab Poonawala was in contact with 10-15 girls through several dating apps.

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