Shraddha Murder Case: While being in a relationship, are you also making the same mistake that Shraddha did?

Shraddha Murder Case: Friend is no more friend…. love is no more love. On listening to this song words like ‘Dhokha’ and ‘Aitbaar’ start roaming in the mind. This line can also be said for Shraddha Walkar (Shraddha Walkar). Shraddha may not be among us, but the ‘Shraddha Murder Case’ has shaken the entire nation. Everyone wants to know what happened after all that Aftab cut Shraddha into 35 pieces. No one is digesting this thing that what kind of fight took place in one day between those who swore to live and die together, that one lover cut the other lover into 35 pieces.

From doctors to clinical psychologists believe that it is not at all that Aftab got so angry in a single day that he killed Shraddha, rather he must have been angry about something or the other and he must have thought that the next Bar me let it kill me.  It doesn’t happen that a man thinks of killing someone in a day, rather there must have been a lot of problems in this relationship from the beginning. 

 Ignoring these actions of the partner, then read the full story of Aftab and Shraddha

emotionally blackmail

27-year-old Shraddha Walkar, a resident of Vasai, Maharashtra, lived with her boyfriend Aftab Poonawalla as a live-in partner in Delhi (Shraddha Murder Case Delhi). But suddenly news comes that Shraddha’s boyfriend killed her and cut her into 35 pieces. Hearing this news the young generation who are ready to do anything for each other in love.  Or those people who live in live in relationship are a little scared. Many people live or have been in an abusive relationship and do nothing to get out of it.

People who live in an abusive relationship consider it their fate. A close friend of Shraddha told in a special conversation with ‘Indian Express’ that whenever Shraddha wanted to breakup with her boyfriend. So he used to torture her mentally. Many times he even physically assaulted Shraddha. There used to be a lot of fights between the two, when she used to talk about breaking the relationship, he used to blackmail emotionally. It also happened many times that when Shraddha made up her mind to break up, he used to threaten to commit suicide and die. 

Stubbornness to stay away from the family
Friends also told that since the year 2020, Shraddha used to live separately from her family with Aftab. Shraddha used to live in Mumbai with her mother and younger brother, but after her mother’s death, she was completely cut off from the family. Shraddha’s father lived separately. In the year 2019, despite the refusal of the family, she went with Aftab, both lived together for some time in Naigaon and then in Vasai. During this, she came to meet her family only once from 2019 to 2020 when Shraddha’s mother died of illness. 


Not allowed to talk to friends on the phone

Philosopher of mental health and founder of ‘Enso Wellness’ Aruba Kabir gives red signal to this type of partner and relationship

According to mental health philosopher Aruba Kabir, if you are in an unhealthy, toxic relationship, you need to keep a few things in mind. Always keep the above things in mind and if you see any such behavior in your partner, then get out of this relationship in time. 

Why a relationship always rests on ‘Respect’?

Philosopher of mental health and founder of Enso Wellness Aruba Kabir told that ‘respect’ is the most important thing in a relationship. There should always be respect between two people. Respect for each other’s limitations, respect for your present, respect for your future, respect for your ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Even if the love between two people is less if  If there is no respect then jealousy and struggle to control each other will start and this relationship cannot last for long. Arouba said that one should talk to each other and express themselves. But despite your actions, your partner is crossing all your limits and not respecting you, then this relationship is a ‘red signal’ from my side. 

It is not necessary to nod in everything

A woman can’t nod her head for everything. Physical violence or abuse. It is not necessary to believe everything. If your partner is insulting you even in a public place, then it shows that you are not of a healthy mindset from inside. If your partner always finds fault in you that ‘Oh, she doesn’t cook very well’, or ‘She doesn’t wear nice clothes’. So there is no point in being in such a relationship because it can never give you respect and equality.  

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