Shraddha murder: Police found weapon-like thing from Aftab’s house, seized clothes of the accused

Shraddha Murder Case: The Delhi Police probing the Shraddha murder case is busy collecting important evidence related to the case. Delhi Police has taken possession of all the clothes present in Aftab’s house. Most of the clothes in this are of Aftab. Apart from this, the police have also got Shraddha’s clothes from there. The clothes of both will be sent for forensic investigation. Because till now the police have not recovered the clothes which he wore on the day of the murder and which Shraddha wore. Police feel that some clue will definitely be found from the clothes recovered from the house. 

Police looking for these clothes

According to police sources, Aftab had gathered information from the internet that a fountain of blood definitely comes out when a dead body is cut into pieces. That’s why Aftab removed all the blood stains around the body with a special chemical before dismembering it. However, the forensic team claims that the clothes Aftab wore on the day of the murder must have blood stains on them. The police have not been able to recover the clothes worn by Shraddha and Aftab on the day of the incident. That’s why the police searched for those clothes present in Aftab’s house. 

Police are still looking for him

Delhi Police has so far received 13 pieces of Shraddha’s dead body in the Shraddha murder case. However, the police are still looking for Shraddha’s head and her mobile phone. Apart from this, the saw used to cut the body into pieces has not been recovered by the police. The police have definitely seized the mobile phone of the accused Aftab. Apart from this, Delhi Police is also contacting this dating app, through which Aftab and Shraddha met. 

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