Shraddha Murder: Which bones have been found by the police so far? sharp edged wound

Shraddha Murder Case Probe: To solve the mystery of the famous Shraddha Murder Case, Delhi Police has been searching the Mehrauli forest for a week. During the investigation, the police have found some bones from the forest. These include the thigh bone (Femur), the bone between the wrist and elbow (Radius-Ulna) and  knee cap (Patella). 

Police have also found marks of being cut with a sharp weapon on the recovered bones. It seems as if an attempt has been made to cut and break the bones. The bones found by the police are yet to be examined. 

The evidence found by the police

According to the reports, 13 pieces of the body have been found in the hands of the police so far. Teams from Delhi have also been sent to Maharashtra, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh to collect evidence. Police have recovered some evidence from the forest of DLF Phase-3 area. On Friday (18 November), the police were seen carrying something in a black polythene. The police have not cleared anything about this but it is feared that the police may have got some body parts from there. 

It is also said that the police got a sharp weapon from the Mehrauli flat of the accused Aftab. Police have recovered a CCTV footage, in which a man is seen going somewhere with a bag in the early hours. The person seen in the footage is feared to be the accused Aftab, but this has not been proved yet.

Police sources have informed that all the clothes have been recovered from the flat of the accused. Forensic examination of the clothes will be done. Shraddha’s clothes can also be there in these clothes. According to sources, on Sunday (November 20) the police recreated the crime scene at the flat of the accused and investigated. 

What’s the matter?

Police is investigating this sensational case from Delhi to Mumbai. According to the police, the incident was carried out in the month of May. The date of May 18 is being told as the day of the incident. It is alleged that Aftab killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walker and cut her body into 35 pieces. He allegedly kept the body parts in a refrigerator and kept hiding them for several days. The family of the accused is going missing since a few days after the news of the incident came in the media. The Mira Road flat of the accused’s family living in Mumbai is being seen locked. 

Doubts over narco test

According to the police, the accused is changing the statement. In order to get the accused to reveal the truth, in the past, the police had sought permission from the court to conduct a narco test on him. According to sources, the narco test of the accused may be conducted on Monday (November 21) at Rohini’s Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital. 

Before this test, the person is weighed on the physical, mental, and emotional level. The test is done after getting the proof of fitness of the person from the doctors. According to sources, the forensic science laboratory of the hospital has informed that it is yet to receive the formal application.

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