Shraddha’s body parts are being searched in Mehrauli forest, order given to police stations

New Delhi: Delhi Police has issued a special order in Shraddha murder case. This oral order issued by the Delhi Police Headquarters is for 178 police stations in 15 districts of the city. It has been said that from May to July this year, information has been sought on how many unidentified dead bodies or pieces of dead bodies have been found in their police station area and what has been the result of those dead bodies or remains. 

< p style ="text-align: justify;">Why is Delhi Police doing this exercise

Delhi Police is doing this exercise because Aftab has thrown Shraddha’s body parts in some other district. Delhi Police is not believing Aftab’s words. He suspects that he has thrown away the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body after taking it far away from the crime scene. The police is keeping an eye on the pieces of a dead body found in Pandav Nagar police station area, which is being told of a woman. Police is preparing to conduct DNA test of all these unclaimed and unknown dead bodies and pieces of dead bodies. Their DNA will be matched with the DNA of Shraddha’s family members. 

Aftab confesses to killing Shraddha

Meanwhile, in the interrogation, the accused Aftab has given many important information in front of the Delhi Police. According to Delhi Police sources, Aftab has told that he is addicted to smoking marijuana. Shraddha often used to talk about this. There used to be a fight between the two on this matter. Aftab has told that on the day Shraddha was murdered, he was still under the influence of marijuana.

He has told the police that he had a fight with Shraddha over who would first run the household expenses and then who would bring some goods from Mumbai to Delhi. Both of them kept fighting for the whole day on this matter. After this Aftab went out of the house and came back after smoking marijuana. Aftab told that he strangled Shraddha so fast that she stopped breathing. He has told that between 9 to 10 pm on May 18, he had strangled Shraddha to death. After the murder, he sat near Shraddha’s dead body throughout the night and kept smoking marijuana-filled cigarettes. 

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