Side Effects of Raw Onion: Do not eat raw onion in excess, you may have to bear the loss

Side Effects of Raw Onion: If you are fond of eating more raw onion than you need, then this news is for you. Yes, many people like to eat raw onion with food. He likes to eat it in many different forms. But do you know that taking anything in excess can cause harm. Yes, consuming raw onions not only increases blood sugar but also can lead to stomach upset. Let’s know about some such problems.

Acidity can be a problem
Glucose and fructose are found in high amounts in onions. Apart from this, the amount of fiber is also high in it. Which some cannot digest well. In such a situation, there may be a problem of acidity.

increases blood sugar
Excess consumption of raw onion is also not good for blood sugar. Anyway, diabetic patients should consume anything very carefully. In such a situation, you must consult your doctor for this. 

There may be burning in the chest
Consumption of raw onion can also cause severe burning sensation in the chest. So avoid consuming too much of it.

Smell from the mouth
If you consume more raw onion then you may also have to face the bad smell coming from the mouth. In such a situation, try not to eat more onions than necessary. Even if you eat, don’t forget to rinse after that.

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