Singapore: Indian-origin woman tortures maid to death, incident captured in CCTV

Singapore: A 64-year-old Indian-origin woman living in Singapore tortured her daughter’s maid until she died. In this case, the woman was convicted on Monday. The woman herself accepted a total of 48 charges, including one of intentionally inflicting torture. The name of the convicted woman is Prema S. This is Narayanaswamy. And the name of the deceased girl was Piang Gah Doan.

Channel News Asia reported that Prema S. Narayanaswamy admitted to intentionally causing injury to his daughter’s maidservant. Along with this, CCTV footage found that on July 26, 2016, a 24-year-old maid from Myanmar was continuously misbehaved. He was repeatedly assaulted for 14 consecutive months, he was tortured. As a result of the assault, he suffered a severe brain injury and died. 

Atrocities seen in CCTV footage 

According to the media report, a mark of being attacked with a heavy object was found on the maid’s neck. It was seen in the CCTV footage that when the elderly woman saw that her daughter was assaulting her maid, she too started torturing the maid. According to the footage, the elderly woman pours water on the maid, slaps, kicks, beats her by the neck, pulls her hair, etc.

The maid’s weight was reduced from 39 to 24 kg 

When Piang started working for Prema’s daughter’s family in May 2015, she weighed 39 kg, which dropped to just 24 kg at the time of her death.

Worst case of culpable homicide

High Court Judge Sikki On considered it to be the worst case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and that Piang had suffered prolonged physical and mental torture before her death.

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