Singrauli: Country’s first carbon capture plant is going to be set up at this place, will get rid of pollution

Singrauli Pollution Report: The number of Singrauli, which is known as the energy center of the state, is the first in the country in terms of pollution. Singrauli, one of the most polluted areas in the world, is now expected to get rid of the problem of pollution soon. The country’s first Carbon Capture Plant is going to be set up in Vindhyachal for the relief from carbon dioxide.

This type of plant has started in the private sector Tata Steel Jamshedpur unit in the month of September last year in 2021. Thereafter NTPC plans to set up carbon capture plants in thermal power projects. The project is being started with Vindhyachal. After the Vindhyachal project is successful, the process will be started for other thermal power projects. It will be mandatory for private power generating companies to set up the plant as well. Presently this type of plant is not in any thermal power projects in the country.

Preparing to get rid of pollution

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India’s first carbon capture plant to be built

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