Singrauli: No ambulance found, relatives took the dead body to the post-mortem home 10 km away on the cot

Madhya Pradesh News: A case of shame to humanity has come to the fore in Singrauli, popularly known as Urjadhani. Due to non-availability of ambulance facility, the relatives took the dead body on the cot and took it for postmortem. The condition of the health facility in Madhya Pradesh can be gauged after the video surfaced on social media. The health department should make lakhs of claims for the facility, but the reality is far away. It is being told that Jagmati Pando, a tribal woman resident of Kerha Tola of Tiara village, was bitten by a snake on Sunday midnight. The Baiga woman died of snake venom. The family members informed the police and government hospital about the incident on Monday morning. 

Keeping the dead body on the cot, the family took it 10 km away for post-mortem 

Government’s claims hollow! In Singrauli, the relatives took the dead body for postmortem after loading it on the cot, shocking picture
Video of the family carrying the dead body on the cot for postmortem has gone viral in social media.@brajeshabpnews @ABPNews

— DEVENDRA PANDEY (@Devendra_ABP) August 1, 2022

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