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The Episode starts with Ranveer proposing Suhani. She says I asked you something that day, I will ask you once again, why couldn’t you come there. Ranveer recalls Ansh’s words and their fight. Suhani says your answer will help me in deciding, tell me once, what’s the reason. Ranveer says sorry Suhani, I don’t have an answer for this even today. He holds her hand. She says knowing that your one answer can unite us forever…. You love me so much that you can name your life to me, can’t you tell me a truth, the day you tell me the reason, you will find me with you. He leaves.

Ranveer hits the punching bag. He recalls Suhani’s words. He says how shall I tell the truth to Suhani, why I couldn’t come to the mandap that day. Mamta says this is not my Ranveer, go and tell the truth to Suhani, if you don’t say then I will go and tell her. He says no, swear on me. She asks why. He says its about my mum’s respect, I love Suhani and I love you more, I won’t let your respect get less, I m ready to leave this house and go away, but can you do this. They hear Suhani talking to Ansh. Ansh asks Suhani to sit. She says you don’t need to make my name tattoo. He asks why, we are married, is not true. He asks the man to make the tattoo. Ranveer comes and unplugs the machine. Ansh says I m making my wife’s name tattoo. Ranveer says I have already done this. He shows Suhani’s name on his hand. He says Suhani’s name can be just written on my hand, just I have this right. He asks the man to leave. The man leaves. Ansh says I m your husband, look how he is talking to me, once we reach Mauritius, he can’t stop us there. Suhani asks Mauritius? Why will we do there? Ansh says for honeymoon. Ranveer gets angry. Suhani stops him. Ansh says married couples go for honeymoon. She refuses. She says I don’t accept this marriage, I shouldn’t say this again. Ranveer says relax, his passport can’t be made, he can’t go anywhere, it’s a waste of time, come. They leave. Ansh records this and says this is my plan B complete. Ansh meets Vikrant’s brother. He argues. Vikrant comes and asks what’s happening here. His brother says Ansh has come to ask for money, he is misbehaving when I refused. Vikrant says relax, I will talk to him. Ansh goes with him.

He says you just talk to me whenever you ned money, this is my house, I won’t tolerate any drama. Ansh says okay, you sign here. Vikrant says you want me to sign the passport application as your dad. Ansh says of course, I can take Suhani away from Ranveer for some days, you can bring Ranveer close to Riya, you have to sponsor this trip and passport, if Suhani doesn’t get away from Ranveer, then your plan can’t work, take your time, I will leave the form here, sign it if you see your profit, I will come tomorrow.

Vikrant leaves in the car. He asks driver where are you taking me, stop the car, didn’t you hear it. He shouts on the driver. Ranveer removes the cap. Vikrant asks what’s this cheap joke. Ranveer says you made my mum’s life a joke, I won’t let you sign these papers, I won’t let this illegitimate relation get legitimate. Vikrant says its not legitimate that a married girl is staying in your house, make that girl out of the house, then I won’t sign the papers. Ranveer says I will go but after six months, I m sure you have made papers ready for this also, once a businessman always a businessman, you keep contracts ready always. He signs the papers. He says you won’t sign those papers now. Vikrant says very good, Suhani will be out of the house and then you will marry Riya, you will join my business, you will get whatever you want, alright. Ranveer says done. Vikrant calls Shashi and says I spoke to Ranveer, find any marriage mahurat after 6 months, I will make it a grand event. Ranveer thinks it was imp that Vikrant doesn’t sign the passport papers. Ansh smiles and says Ranveer can never make Suhani away from me.

Its morning, Ranveer argues with Mamta about Vikrant. She says relations are to be kept, you have to understand this, else you can’t love anyone. Ansh asks did you sign the passport papers or not. Vikrant says no, I will never sign it, its true that you are my illegitimate child, but I won’t give a name to this relation, just Ranveer is my heir, I will never put you equal to him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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