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The Episode starts with Mamta saying love doesn’t come with any warranty, I love my husband and entire family a lot, I know your dad has done some mistakes. She recalls the past. She says how shall I forget that he gave me a son like you, you loves his mum more than life, I have worked hard to make this house my home, your dad looks strict, but he loves you a lot, he doesn’t show it, but he won’t let anything say a word against you, you will know it when the time comes.

Vikrant says I will not give our relation a legitimate name, I just have one heir, that’s Ranveer, I won’t make you stand against him, Ranveer has the sole right on my house and business, I won’t share this right with anyone else, I will never share my family joy with you. Ansh says then I have to tell the world what you are hiding, I can prove that I m your blood. Vikrant smiles. Mamta says we have to live relations, you are true, but you also don’t keep your relation with Suhani well, if you really love her, then go and tell her the truth. He says no, I can’t make you fall in anyone’s sight. She says I have no fears, tell everything to Suhani, she loves you, she will not disrespect me, she will respect you and me more. He says I will go and tell the truth to Suhani. Vikrant says tell anyone, I don’t care, don’t dream of becoming my heir, my heir is just Ranveer Oberoi, not you. He leaves.

Ansh says you proved that you love Ranveer a lot, and this is your biggest weakness, I will make use of this weakness and play my move. Ranveer looks on. Ansh starts his bike. It doesn’t go ahead. Ranveer holds it to stop. He says you will never get Vikrant’s sign, you can never become a part of Oberoi family. Ansh says you are lecturing me, I have seen how much you love and respect him, we will join hands, he has cheated our mums. Ranveer says you have no status to join hands, Vikrant is my mum’s husband, she loves him, if you trouble him then I will throw you out on the roads, get out. Ranveer says I m coming Suhani. Ansh looks on. Ranveer leaves. He comes to the college and asks Neeta about Suhani. Neeta says I m also looking for her. Ranveer calls Suhani and asks her to come soon to meet him. Suhani asks Sudha to sit and talk to her first.

Suhani says its my passport, please keep this with you for some days. Sudha asks what’s the matter. Suhani cries. Sudha asks what is it, did Ansh do anything. Suhani says I got married to Ansh, but didn’t accept him as my husband, don’t know what happened to him, he is talking of Mauritius trip, I don’t want to go with him, so I came to keep passport with you. Sudha says don’t worry, Ansh can’t force you, your dad asked you to not keep this relation, Ranveer loves you. Dadi says Ranveer is a gem. Sudha says yes, you don’t need to think of anyone now. Suhani smiles and leaves for the college. Ansh meets her on the way and says you didn’t say you have gone home. She says yes, I wanted to meet mum. He asks her to sit, he will drop her to college. She asks where did you get me, I m getting late. She says I will go by auto. He says wait, I m just coming. He asks the peon to give the papers to Suhani. Peon asks Suhani to give the papers to Ansh. She gets Ranveer’s call. She drops the papers. She worriedly picks it. She gets shocked reading that Ansh is Vikrant and Asha’s son. She says what, Ansh is Vikrant’s son, and Asha is …. Ansh looks on. He comes to Suhani. She asks what’s this. He asks where did that man go, why did he give these papers to you, why did you read it without asking me. She asks is this true. He says you find out the truth and lies.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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