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The Episode starts with Suhani telling Aditya that she feels that the biker was following them. Aditya says Inspector told clearly that he has taken sign from Ranvijay that they will not harm you and your family. He says if you are not feeling safe, then I will take you home. Suhani says it is not like that, we will go. Sudha teaches online shopping to Dadi. Dadi says it is very easy and it has many designs, we can buy anything in our budget. She asks if there is some place to sell our old stuff and get new thing. Sudha says yes. Dadi says she is thinking to sell off Suhani’s bridal lehenga. Sudha says we are with her now, but how she will live her life all life. Dadi says I called Mamta ji, but she didn’t respond. Sudha says Suhani has decided not to remarry. Dadi says we have to make her understand to move on in life.

Professor tells Suhani that if anyone attacks Doctors or damage their property then they are fined for Rs 50000 Rs. He says this is an important topic. Suhani sees the goon standing outside the window and tells Aditya, but the goon goes away from there. Suhani thinks Dadi shouldn’t have called Mamta aunty and says I try to stay away from him, but his thought haunts me. She says I can do anything without him, infact he don’t exist for her.

Aditya and Suhani are going home. Suhani asks him to stop at fruit shop. Aditya says ok. The goons come infront of the bike. Aditya gets down from the bike and asks Suhani to be behind her. The goon says we can’t do anything to this Madam, but will teach you a lesson to interfere. Suhani asks the goons to leave them. They push Suhani. Aditya hits them. The goons beat up Aditya. Suhani pleads infront of the public to help her friend. Nobody stops the goon from beating Aditya. The goon kicks him with his leg. Suhani says Aditya. The goons ask Suhani to make her hero understand and leave. Suhani stops a car and asks for help. The driver gets down and takes Aditya inside.

Later in home, Aditya is sitting with the bandages. Suhani checks Aditya and says thank god, you are not having fever. Aditya says I am fine. Suhani says I asked you not to interfere. Aditya says if I call someone as my friend, then I regard too, how I would have left my friend in danger. Ishaan comes there and says I have given bike for repair and says 10000 needs to be paid. Rakesh says I will handle the bill. Aditya says why will I give? Suhani says you got injured due to me. Rakesh asks him to call his parents and says we can talk to him. He says he is fine and has small injury just. Sudha says you have to tell your parents and asks him to give their number to them. She says they might feel that we didn’t inform him. Rakesh asks for the number. Aditya says he will be fine, as Suhani is here. Suhani looks on.

Later Suhani comes to Sudha’s room. Sudha asks what happened, you might be tired. Dadi asks what are you thinking? Suhani says Aditya talks to us so much, but he never speaks about his family. She says he don’t even talk to them. She says he had said that they stay in Delhi, but didn’t tell us more, and she is sure that he is hiding something from them.

She comes to Aditya’s room while he is sleeping. She says I am sorry Aditya, I have this way to know about you. She opens the cupboard and searches. She says there is nothing related to his family and thinks who is he, and what is he hiding from her.

Next morning, Ishaan brings Aditya out. Aditya says good morning to everyone. He says he started walking now. Everyone looks at him. Suhani asks him to sit. Aditya sits. Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi look at him. Aditya asks if there is any tension. Suhani says your Mom called and said that your Papa is unwell. Aditya says so my mom called you and asked about the number. Suhani says she said that you left them and came here. He says my mom called you. Suhani asks why? He says they can’t call you as they are not there in this world. Suhani keeps her head on his shoulder as he gets emotional and teary eyes. Suhani says I know, when you was sleeping last night, I had come to your room and I…She shows the diary and says I read that your Mom and Dad died in the car accident. She says you regard me as your friend, but hid this thing from me and bearing everything alone. Aditya sits down with tears in his eyes.

Precap will be added later.

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