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The Episode starts with Ranveer and Suhani treating Sajjad’s wound. Ranveer says Suhani, you have handled a panicking situation really well, you will become a top doctor. Suhani thanks him. Vikrant says Ansh is jealous of Ranveer and wants to kill him, if anything happens to my son, then I will play blood holi. Asha says he is a doctor, not a criminal, he saves life. He says shut up, call him and put the phone on speaker. She calls Ansh and asks him to say the truth, does he want to harm Ranveer. Ansh thinks something is wrong. He asks why would I harm him. She says I m your mum, I should know. He says I m not so fallen, I argue with Ranveer, but I can’t think so wrong with him, I swear on you, I m trying to find Ranveer by taking police help, I will find Ranveer and Suhani. Vikrant leaves. She says I knew it, my son will never do anything wrong, I will pray that Ranveer and Suhani are okay and you all come back home soon. Ranveer thanks Nia. He says Lord is the one who saves all lives. The lady asks how can we help you. He says just cook some food and feed us. The lady smiles and says sure. Ansh, Riya and police look for Ranveer and Suhani. The lady gets the food and says we are fasting, you have it. Ranveer says no, we will have the food when you break the fast. The lady says it’s a good deed to feed the guests, have it.

Suhani asks do you and Sajjad stay here alone. The lady says we got punished for our love, I wish Lord gives such punishment to everyone, Sajjad and I love each other, our marriage was fixed, Sajjad couldn’t reach on the marriage day. Suhani recalls her marriage. The lady says my marriage was done with someone else, then I got to know why Sajjad couldn’t come. Suhani asks why didn’t he come. The lady says he had lost way while crossing the border, army men had caught him, when he came back, I was of someone else, I never accepted my husband, I just loved Sajjad, my love and everything, I knew he would come and he came. Sajjad comes there.

He wipes her tears. He says then months passed, I couldn’t separate her from her husband, she had no courage to fight with the world, then we decided to unite, panchayat ousted us and sent us here, we are here since 6 years, but we regret one thing. She says that we took time to unite. He says lifetime is less to love, one shouldn’t waste a moment. Suhani smiles and sees Ranveer. Riya says I can’t do this, don’t know where is Ranveer. Ansh says we have to go back home. She asks where does this other route go. The inspector says there is just a house, two people stay there. She says we should search there. Ranveer asks Sajjad to have haldi milk until he gets the medicines. Sajjad thanks him. Riya runs. Ansh asks her to stop, they will miss the flight. Ranveer looks for Suhani. He shouts Suhani. Suhani showers rose petals over him. Sirf tum….plays…. Ranveer smiles and looks at her. She says I m sorry for everything that has hurt your heart, I have heard Sajjad and Mehroon today, person shouldn’t keep his feelings in heart, lifetime isn’t enough for love, I couldn’t tell you, I love you Ranveer. Sajjad, Mehroon and Nia smile hearing this and pray. Ranveer and Suhani are seen romancing in the snowfields. Sirf tum….plays…. They spend quality time together. She hugs him. Ansh says we should check there, come Riya. They go ahead. Suhani says I just want you, only you. Ansh and Riya see Ranveer and Suhani.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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