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The Episode starts with Suhani happily running to Ranveer. She hugs him and says Papa…. He asks her to relax and take a deep breath. He says look into my eyes and say now. She says when you look into my eyes, I like my eyes, when you take my name with love, I like my name, if you will come back in my life, then I will start liking my life again, Ansh and my marriage was the wall between us, Papa broke that wall, he freed me from all bounds, I just want you. He smiles. He makes her make the mangalsutra. They smile. She imagines this. She recalls Sudha’s words. Ranveer comes and says I would never lie to you. She asks why did you get late on that marriage day. Ranveer recalls Ansh’s words. He says forget the past. She says please tell me.

He says I have some work, I will talk later. She says I got married to someone else. He says this marriage doesn’t mean anything to me. She asks why are you hiding, I have a right to know, please tell me, I want an answer. He gets angry and breaks a vase. He says I can’t tell you, don’t you understand it. She cries. Riya comes and asks what is Suhani doing in your room, sorry, I think I have come at a wrong time. Suhani says no need to go anywhere, I was just leaving. She goes. Vikrant meets Shashi and asks him not to worry. Shashi asks why didn’t you make that girl out of the house. He says I have a good news about my business. Vikrant says wow, congrats Shashi, if Ranveer and Riya unite, then we can have a partnership. Shashi says Suhani is still between them. Vikrant says I want this project at any cost, you and Riya want Ranveer, I promise Ranveer will just marry Riya. They shake hands. Their conversation gets recorded. Asha comes to Suhani and sees the milk spilling. She turns off the gas. Suhani asks do you want something. Asha says I want the ration list, forward it to me. Riya says I thought you got married to Suhani, I want a promise, Ansh and Suhani got married, we will also get married, I love you a lot. Suhani and Asha look on. They go. Ranveer says we can never get married, you are my friend, you know I love Suhani a lot, I can’t think of any girl, I love Suhani. Riya says I was just joking, I know you just love Suhani. He says don’t joke again. He goes.

Ansh comes to meet Vikrant. They argue. Ansh says I don’t need anyone’s permission to come into my dad’s cabin, relax. Vikrant scolds him and asks him to leave. Ansh warns him. Vikrant asks why did you come here, tell me and leave. Ansh says I have come for a deal, you will double the monthly amount and my salary, that’s just 50000rs only. Vikrant says you think, you will blackmail me and I will fall in your feet, my foot, go and declare that I m your dad, I don’t care, I will see what you do, you have already told Ranveer, now I don’t care, get lost, before I throw you out of this house.

Ansh says your son knows this secret but Kapoor doesn’t know this, he won’t even make you his business partner. Vikrant says I will handle him. Ansh asks how will you handle Ranveer, if I free Suhani, then will your son leave her and marry Riya, your deal will break. Vikrant asks how do you know about this deal. Ansh gets his phone and says I can go to any extent to complete a business deal. Ansh calls Vikram and asks Vikrant to tell him to transfer the money. Vikrant asks Vikram to do the fund transfer to Ansh’s account every month. Ansh smiles and leaves. Asha consoles Suhani. She says you are just a tenant here, nothing more, they will never give you a bahu status. Suhani hugs her. Alka says accept Ansh by your heart, I know this marriage didn’t happen by your wish but you can stay happy if you want, maybe Ranveer and you were not made for each other, your love can reform him, he got a job as well. Suhani cries and hugs Asha.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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