Skin Care Routine: It is important for men not only for women, but also for skin care routine in monsoon, know how to take care

Skin Care Routine For Men In Monsoon: Skin is the most sensitive part of the body. This should be taken care of from time to time. Generally, due to busy lifestyle, men are unable to find time for their skin care. Due to which side effects of season start happening on their skin. Different skin care routines are required according to each season. In such a situation, if you want, with the help of easy methods, you can take special care of your skin even in monsoon.

use a serum

beard care

Like your skin, your beard also needs extra attention during monsoons. If you are someone who likes to show off a bold beard,  then take some time out and try to maintain the cleanliness of the beard. Wash your beard frequently and perhaps with a mild cleanser. Also, don’t forget to comb and oil your beard regularly. Beard oil conditions the hair, making it shiny and full and promoting healthy growth. Before going to sleep, spread the oil on your palms and massage gently.

Hair Care

Styling Hair

Styling hair in monsoon can be a daunting task. Plus, the rain washes away any products you’ve used during the day (or their effect, at least). So instead, opt for a matte-finish hair gel.  We’d say it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to style your hair as desired, without being greasy. You can also go with hair cream wax. This will also prove to be very effective for you.

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