Skin Care Tips: Know how important it is to apply sunscreen to avoid skin cancer?

Best Sunscreen for Skin: It is important to apply sunscreen not only in the sun but also when you are swimming. Even if you live indoors in summer, do not forget to apply sunscreen as ultraviolet rays can damage the skin even in the shade. Due to sunlight, aging signs can increase, pigmentation becomes more and sometimes there is a risk of skin cancer. To avoid all these diseases, it is important to have complete information about applying the right sunscreen, how much sunscreen SPF is and which sunscreen is best for which skin.

How much is SPF necessary? 
SPF(Sun Protection Factor) It tells how much sun protection can be given by that sunscreen. Most sunscreens have an SPF of 15, but if sun protection is needed, choose a sunscreen of at least 30 to 50 SPF. Sometimes dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen up to SPF 70 for those with more sensitive skin 

Ingredient of sunscreen 
Basically there are two types of ingredients in sunscreen, one of which is chemical and the other is physical. Chemical filters contain PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) and some other chemicals that convert sun radiation into heat energy while absorbing UV rays. The physical ingredients contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which do not allow sunlight to harm the face directly and reflect them in other directions

What sunscreen is best?
Many people have a question that in which form sunscreen is best. Actually, sunscreens are available in the market in the form of gels, sticks, creams, moisturizers and sprays and it depends on the personal choice, what kind of sunscreen one likes to apply. Just keep in mind in spray sunscreen that do not apply it directly on the face, rather apply it by spraying on the hands. With this there is no danger of going into the eyes

Apply sunscreen according to the skin
While choosing sunscreen, take care of your skin too. Sunscreens are available in the market according to the skin type, so if your skin is oily, dry or normal, then buy sunscreen accordingly. Also, there are separate sunscreens for sensitive skin as well. If you have any doubts about your skin, then once you can buy sunscreen after consulting a dermatologist

Children should also apply sunscreen
Elder people sometimes escape from the sun, but young children go to school, play in the sun or swim, then their skin is ultra violet. It is very important to protect against rage. In such a situation, do not forget to apply a good brand of sunscreen before exposing children to the sun.

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