Skin Care Tips: Prepare anti aging mask at home like this, follow these tips

Anti Aging Mask: Everyone wants to look younger than their age. Especially women never want to look old. Premature aging of the skin can also be prevented. You will find many anti aging beauty care products in the market, but if you are looking for a natural one, then today we are going to tell you how to make anti aging peel off mask with some home things. Is? Let’s know.

Ingredients- take one teaspoon coffee powder, half teaspoon sugar, one teaspoon gelatin powder, rose water as required.

How to make- For this homemade peel off mask, take coffee powder. Now mix coffee powder, powdered sugar powder, gelatin powder and rose water in a bowl. To this mixture  Keep it slightly thick as it can be difficult to remove later. Apply it on the face with the help of a brush. This mask should not be applied around the eyes. Also, the eyebrow part should also be left. After 15 minutes, when it dries completely, then slowly start removing this mask from the chin area. Gently remove it from all over the face.

Precautions- If you have any type of wound, rash or acne on your face, then do not use it. Do not apply it on the eyebrows by mistake as the hair can pull while removing the mask and can be very painful. Speak at least after applying the mask because it is only for tightening. Never apply a thin layer of meat. Always apply it thick or else it will be good  From  Peel  Won’t be able to turn off.

Benefits– Coffee has anti-aging properties. In such a situation, when you apply peel off mask on the face, it has a good effect on your skin and wrinkles also get reduced. On the face you get clogged pores  If there is a problem, then peel off mask will give relief and the skin will also get tightened. With the use of this peel off mask, the hidden black and white heads in the skin will also be removed. Along with this, glow will also come on the face.

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