Skin Icing: What are the benefits of face icing? Learn how to use it

Skin Care: Nowadays, the name of a treatment is heard a lot in the skin care routine, which is skin icing or face icing. In fact, in face icing, the face is massaged with ice, which along with cooling the skin, is also effective in removing many skin related problems. Actually, for those people who have problems like oily skin, acne during the summer season, then this treatment is of great use to them. This is such a recipe, which everyone can easily use at their home. So let’s know what is skin icing and what are its benefits-

What is skin icing

Skin icing is called chirotherapy, which is also known for skin treatments in spas. Also known as an ice facial, it uses vaporized nitrogen to treat the skin of the face, scalp and neck. Ice massage also tightens the skin of the face.

How to Make Skin Icing

Step 1- First wash the face thoroughly, so that all the oil and dirt from the face is removed.

Step 2- Now place 3-4 pieces ice cubes in a cloth. When this ice starts melting a little, then massage it on the face. 

Step 3- Massage every part of the face with ice. Keep in mind that massage should be done in circular motion only. After this you will see your skin very fresh.

What icings can be used

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