Sleeping Position: What is the right way to sleep? Straight-up or something….. know here

Sleeping Position: To stay healthy, good eating and exercise is as important as good sleep. Due to complete sleep, there is no fatigue and the mind remains fresh throughout the day. Same, if you do not sleep properly at night, then many problems happen the next day. You must have seen many people who fall asleep as soon as they lie on the bed, while some people keep changing positions here and there for a long time. Some people also have a favorite position in which they fall asleep quickly. Many people prefer to sleep on their sides, while others prefer to sleep upside down. But, do you know what is the right way to sleep? Probably very few people would know about this. Know what is the right way to sleep.

Actually, every person’s sleep pattern can be different. There are many types of sleeping positions, including stomach position, freefall position, solder position, your side position etc. Most of the people like to sleep in three types of positions. This includes sleeping on the waist, on the stomach and sleeping on the side. Know what is the right position to sleep.

This is the right position

Actually, sleeping on the side is considered better. Most people sleep in this position. That’s why it is also considered the right position to sleep. William Dement, a renowned sleep researcher at Stanford University, found in research on sleep that about 54% of people prefer to sleep on their sides. He studied 664 people for this research, out of which 54% slept on their side, 33% on their back and 7% slept straight. . This does not cause problems related to the spinal cord and provides relief to the shoulders, neck and back. Sleeping on the side is also beneficial for people who have a habit of snoring. Also considered to be the correct sleeping position. Fetal position means fetal position. In this, the body and legs are bent on one side, due to which both the legs and the waist get relief. Sleeping in this position is considered better for good sleep. Sleeping with these positions and sides is almost the same.

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