Smartphones stolen from Mumbai were sold in Bangladesh, police revealed the entire racket

Mumbai News: The arrest made by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police last month in connection with a cellphone theft racket, which has links to Bangladesh, is a major revelation. In fact, this case has revealed how the city’s courier companies and villagers along the India-Bangladesh border are helping in smuggling stolen cell phones to the neighboring country. In the first week of August, the Crime Branch arrested 10 people and recovered 135 stolen cell phones worth Rs 22 lakh. Based on his statement, three more people were arrested, the latest being a villager who lives in Tripura close to the border.

This is how the racket works

Police said that the man exposed how the stolen cellphones are smuggled into Bangladesh. An official said they have found that once cellphones are stolen from Mumbai, their pictures and details are uploaded to a WhatsApp group that has people from Bangladesh and sometimes Nepal. The stolen phones one is interested in are picked and packed in boxes made for Bangladesh.

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