… So Nitish again with NDA? Sushil Modi’s statement indicates new political equation in Bihar

Patna: Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Rajya Sabha member Sushil Kumar Modi (Sushil Kumar Modi) gave a big statement while answering the questions of the media on Tuesday. This statement of Sushil Modi, who was once very close to CM Nitish Kumar, has indicated a new equation in Bihar. The question is arising from his statement that will Nitish Kumar come with NDA again?

Nobody knows who will come and go in politics

On the question of CM Nitish Kumar said that there is no question of not taking him. See I am not capable of that. No state unit is capable of inducting any big leader. This matter happens at the central level, no one knows in this politics who will come and who will not.

…this will tell the future: Sushil Kumar Modi

Sushil Modi said that this is Nitish Kumar, he has come thrice and has gone thrice. This same Lalu Yadav had come to seek support in 1990 and with our support his government was formed. Today, from TDP to Mamta Banerjee, there will hardly be anyone in the country who has not taken the help of BJP. That’s why future will tell who will come and who will go.

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