Solar eclipse 2022: Solar eclipse today, know where and how you will be able to see it online

2022 Solar eclipse India: On April 30, the first partial solar eclipse of the year will be visible in many parts of the world. This event is also colliding with another celestial activity called the Black Moon and according to NASA, the Black Moon will block sunlight for some time during the day. The solar eclipse will be visible in some parts of the Southern Hemisphere and people living in some areas of South America, Chile, Uruguay, southwestern Bolivia, Peru, southwestern Brazil and Argentina will be able to see this celestial event.

< p style="text-align: justify;">NASA has also specified that the eclipse will also be visible from the South Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean regions. People in India will not be able to see this event. Partial Solar eclipse will start from 12:15 at midnight according to India’s time on April 30, 2022 and will last till 4:7 in the morning. Do not see solar eclipse with naked eyes but Must be seen with binoculars or glasses.

How to watch the partial solar eclipse online on April 30
People can watch it live online in areas where the celestial event will not be visible. Its live streaming can be seen on many YouTube channels including NASA’s YouTube channel. In India it is Solar eclipse will be partial. Due to this it will not have physical effect.

Lunar Eclipse: The situation will be different during the lunar eclipse of May 16, as it will take place during the day. According to Indian Standard Time, it will start at 7.02 am and the total eclipse will start around 7.57 am. The maximum eclipse will occur around 9.41 a.m., when the Moon will be in the deepest part of Earth’s shadow and the total eclipse will end at 10.23 a.m.

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