Something like this was the last meeting of Dilip Kumar-Madhubala, know what was the wish that remained unfulfilled!

Dilip Kumar Madhubala Affair: Talk about Dilip Kumar and Madhubala, the legendary stars of their time, whose affair was discussed in full swing in the industry at one time. According to media reports, this affair of Dilip Kumar and Madhubala lasted for about nine years but their ways parted before the marriage took place. Madhubala also said goodbye to this world forever while battling heart disease at the age of 36. Let us tell you that after the breakup with Dilip Kumar, Madhubala was married to singer and actor Kishore Kumar. 
However, Madhubala’s sister Madhur Bhushan believes that even after marriage The actress could never forget her first love i.e. Dilip Kumar. Madhur says that initially Madhubala’s illness was detected when she was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai. Dilip Kumar had come here to meet him. This is when Madhubala was not married.

According to media reports, Madhubala’s last time was spent in extreme loneliness. It is said that after Madhubala’s death, Dilip Kumar also reached the cemetery but he was buried before he could see the actress.

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