Son told, why mother used to eat food in the same plate every day for 20 years? the reason will make you cry

For parents, even the smallest achievements of their children matter. Where people forget the rewards they got in childhood, their parents keep on cherishing them. In a heartwarming post on Twitter, a man revealed that his mother used to eat from the same plate for 20 years.

Sharing a picture of the small and simple plate, dentist Vikram S Buddhanesan wrote that his mother only allowed him and his niece to eat on it. Buddhanesan came to know the reason only after his mother’s death. He said that his sister told him that he had won that plate in 1999 when he was in 7th standard.

He said, “In these 24 years he ate from this plate that I won … and he didn’t even tell me.” This tweet, posted on January 19, has received more than 14,000 likes.

One user commented, “So cute… Amma is always with you.” Another said, “As I saw this post, very quick to come to your profile to tell you that you are truly blessed, I have lost my mother and I can feel your feelings.” A third wrote, “I know this is a very difficult time for you .. She will always be there for you no matter what .. always bless you from heaven. Things will get better with time. I’m sure you were a very good son to her.”

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