Asia Cup 2023: The future of Asia Cup is in danger due to the wrangling between PCB and BCCI, know why the sword hangs over this tournament

PCB vs BCCI: The cricket boards of India and Pakistan are adamant about hosting the Asia Cup 2023. While the Pakistan Cricket Board wants to organize the Asia Cup this time on its soil, the Indian Cricket Board has made it clear that if the Asia Cup is held in Pakistan, it will not send its team there. The fate of the Asia Cup hangs in the balance between these two big cricket boards of Asia.

The right to host the Asia Cup 2023 goes to Pakistan only. Asia Cup has not been organized here for a long time. But after the stand of BCCI, it is not yet clear whether the Asia Cup will be held in Pakistan or it will be shifted somewhere else. Between these two options, if both the boards remain firm on their insistence, then it is possible that the Asia Cup may have to be cancelled.

What is the PCB chief saying?
PCB chief Najam Sethi has clearly stated that what will be his stand in the ACC meeting to be held in March to host the Asia Cup 2023. . He has said that he will fight for Pakistan to host the Asia Cup at any cost and if the Indian team does not send its team to the Asia Cup to be held in Pakistan, then he will also not send his team to the ODI World Cup 2023 to be held in India. Along with this, he has also talked about having some other options. He did not tell what are these other options, but it is believed that if the Asia Cup 2023 is hosted at some other place due to BCCI’s stand, then the Pakistan team may also refuse to be a part of this Asia Cup. .

Can the Asia Cup be finished forever?
India and Pakistan are the only two big cricket teams in Asia. After this, the teams of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh come, which are not so strong at present. In such a situation, if there is no team from either India or Pakistan in the Asia Cup, then the whole fun of this tournament can be gritty. In such a situation, organizing this tournament can also be pointless. 

One special thing is that the way there is a dispute regarding hosting the Asia Cup this time, it can continue to happen in the future as well. That is, whenever there is talk of Asia Cup being held in India, the Pakistan Cricket Board can also take a stand of not coming to India. Overall, if both the cricket boards remain adamant on similar insistence, then it is possible that the Asia Cup may stop being organized in the future. Anyway, a lot of cricket is being played in today’s era. Especially due to franchise cricket, cricketers are preferring to play in franchise teams instead of the national team. In such a situation, canceling the Asia Cup forever will not be a big decision.

Some hopes are still alive
Till now PCB has not publicly talked about boycotting this tournament if the hosting of Asia Cup 2023 is shifted. That means it is possible that PCB will agree to play Asia Cup at any other place. If this happens then the future of Asia Cup can be safe. Please tell that the Asia Cup is to be played in September this year. Right after this the World Cup will be held in India. 

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