Sputnik V can be given as a booster dose, the government’s committee took this decision

Corona cases are increasing once again across the country. After which emphasis is being laid on rapid vaccination. Now the National Technical Advisory Group has taken a decision regarding the Sputnik V vaccine. In which it has been said that Sputnik V can be taken as the prevention dose of Corona, but the first dose that was taken will be used as the third dose. That is, people who have taken two doses of Sputnik can be given the third dose. There was confusion about the third dose for those who had taken the Sputnik vaccine. Because the option of Sputnik for Precaution Dose was not visible on the Kovin app. Due to which lakhs of people were having trouble taking the third dose, who had administered both doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik last year. Because the difference between two doses of Sputnik was about 30 days, so people got both of them done within the same month interval. 

The difference in booster doses did not decrease
It has been told that no decision has been taken in this meeting to reduce the difference between the second and third doses of corona. It was being told earlier that the gap between taking booster doses can be reduced. Because the government had earlier directed that the third dose of corona can be taken within a span of 9 months. Which was a very long gap. All the experts were demanding to reduce it. Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawalla had also proposed to the government to bridge the gap. In which the difference between the two vaccine doses was said to be 9 months to 6 months. 

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