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Scene 1
Sejal sees Baa and Bamba on the gate. Shalini thinks they brought their elders for shagun. She says come in. Sejal says my mission will be ruined. Minal looks around for Sejal. The head chef says let’s go. Sejal collides with Yohan, the vase falls on him. Sejal says to Yohan the guy wants to meet you. This is the best time to test him. Aarun and Veera welcome the guests. Baa gives juice to Bamba, Aarun says who are they? Veera says Shalini was saying she’s guy’s dadi and nephew. The guy’s father says isn’t girl’s dadi weird. His wife says we don’t care. Yohan gives a necklace and says give it to Drishti. It’s my mom’s. Don’t miss it. Sejal sees Baa and Bamba sitting with the guests. She’s shocked. She says to the maid tell the guy Yohan has called him on the terrace. He says why? Aarun says no.. His dad says it’s okay. He’s Drishti’s brother. He can meet Yohan. Veera asks Shalini to bring Drishti.

Sejal comes to Drishti and says you look so pretty, only your smile is missing. She says Yohan sent it for you. She says it’s moms. Sejal makes her wear it. Shalini says let’s go. You look so pretty. She asks Sejal to go and do her work. She sees Drishti’s hand out and says it’s not important to show them everything. I mean show them. Hide it. She forcefully hides her hand and pins dupatta. Shalini says when will you understand all this? She brings Drishti downstairs. Shalini says here’s your to be DIL. Bamba says there is no signal here either. Baa says is there network bars in your Dehli phone? Shalini says of course. Bring my phone. Sejal comes with a mask. Shalini says what is this drama? She says I was sneezing. Shalini says okay. Veera says we care for hygiene a lot. Bmba says I want to go to loo. Shalini says ew. Baa takes him from there.

Scene 2
The guy meets Yohan. He says Shalini bhabhi told me a lot about you. Yohan says tell me everything about you. Sejal takes Bamba and baa to the washroom. Bamba says she looks like didi from the back. Sejal runs from here. Minal sees Baa and Bamba. Real Mr and Mrs. Lamba come in. Saras hears. He says Minal let’s go from here. Sejal isn’t here. Minal says I was wrong for doubting my daughter. I was wrong He says let’s run from here. They run out.

Yohan comes with the guy to the hall. He sits with them. Yohan says I have no issues, I like the guy. Drishti has to decide next. Sejal serves tea. The guy’s mom says Drishti you serve us tea. Drishti gets up. Shalini stops her and says have it after the wedding. Aarun says yes yes. Sejal serves the tea. The guy’s father says your daughter is very nice. It’s a yes from us. Sejal says this isn’t right for Drishti. The family should know about Drishti’s hand. Sejal spills tea on Drishti. Drishti stands up. She says are you okay.. Yohan says get first aid box. The woman sees her hand and says you hid this truth from us? That your daughter is disabled. You hid it from us.

Shalini recalls she said to them we will get Drishti married to your son and you will give us 20 crores. the father said she’s disabled. Shail said she’s not dependent on anyone. Shalini said once Shail becomes the president of the company we will give you all the contracts. It would suffice for one hand. The father says Dolly is that the way to talk? She says is that the way to deal with people?? By lying. This girl can’t even be my son’s girlfriend. Sejal says at least now we know what kind of people are they? Yohan says say sorry to my sister right now. Dolly says I will say sorry to her? Drishti is leaving. Yohan stops her. Yohan says my sister doesn’t need to answer in front of anyone. She does the best in everything, she has the purest heart. My sister is precious. Go from here you’re worthless. Veera says you have insulted my daughter. The guy says mom say sorry. Dolly says why would I say sorry to her? The guy recalls Shalini said she will give them a lot of business. Navi says Yohan I am sorry on my mom’s behalf. I didn’t know she would react this way. Yohan says the decision is taken. My sister won’t go to a house where people think like that. He says that’s my mom’s thought. I don’t think that way. I can marry her today. Drishti is shocked.

Dolly says to Shalini why would we give 20 crores for this useless girl? Shalini says what about the 100 crores business we will give to you? Your husband and son both knew about Drishti. You ruined the plan. How will we convince Yohan now. Yohan says it’s over. Navi says I will talk to my mom please. I will fight for her. Yohan says I understand you but it’s not easy. He says I am not perfect but I will keep her very happy. I really like how well she handled all this. If you don’t want to do this wedding, it’s okay but if I am given one chance I will keep her very happy. Shalini says to Dolly we can ruin all your business go and solve your mess now. Sejal comes there.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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