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Scene 1
Shalini says go inside and solve your mess. Sejal comes. Shalini says what would I do with your sorry? You broke Drishti’s heart. she says to Sejal what are you doing here? Go from here. Navi says Drishti says no one will hurt you, please say yes to me. Shail says what a gentleman. Veera says why don’t you ask your mom? Aarun says he said sorry as well. Dolly says I said all those bitter things for my son. I wanted to see if my son would support his wife or not. If he would take a stand for her or not. I am sorry for hurting everyone. Aarun says you did the right thing by saying sorry. Does anyone have any doubts? Shalini says then let’s do the roka today. Aarun says sure. Yohan asks Drishti are you okay with this? She recalls her boyfriend said to meet the guy so they get time. drishti says it’s my yes. Yohan hugs her. He says are you happy? Sejal says she’s not happy.

Shalini and Shail ask Navi when will they get their money? He says tonight. They leave. Shalini says if Shail didn’t get this proposal Drishti’s wedding would have remained a dream. Sejal says sorry for spilling the tea. Aarun says shut up. You almost ruined the proposal. Be careful the next time.

Scene 2
Sejal helps Drishti get ready. Servant brings food. She says no I don’t want it. Sejal recalls Minal used to make her eat when she was upset. Sejal says my mom used to say smile needs to be found. Are you happy with this wedding? Yohan comes with flowers. He says Dinky.. See what I got you. She gets very happy. Drishti says maa’s favorite flowers. He says this day can’t be completed without maa’s blessings. Yohan says are you hiding something from me? Drishti says yes. Yohan says you don’t look happy. She says I was missing mom. Veera says let’s go Drishti. Drishti’s lehnga gets stuck ins tool. Sejal and Yohan sit together to take it out.

Shalini welcomes the guests. She says did you bring out sweets? Navi’s father says this sweets box is for Shail. His favorite. Krish says I will check it too then. What’s so special. Shail says not today. The servants pick the basket. Shalini asks Shail to stay calm and pick it when no one is seeing. Yohan brings Drishti. Dolly says you look so pretty. They make her wear chunri and do all the rituals. Yohan collides with Sejal. Sejal says take these sweets, I know you’re worried once Drishti leaves you will be alone. He says don’t try to be everyone’s savior. Navi and Drishti touch elder’s feet. Yohan takes the basket. Shail comes there. He’s about to open it. Shail says Yohan what are you doing? Let’s go. Yohan leaves. Shail tries to find the basket with money. Drishti hugs Yohan.

Shail tells Shalini there’s no money in that basket. Shalini says which basket is it then? Sejal picks the basket and says why is it so heavy? Dolly asys let’s do the engagement tomorrow. Veera says isn’t it too early? What do you say Aarun? Yohan says Drishti will decide that. He asks Drishti what do you want? If you want a delay that would happen. Drishti looks at Aarun. She recalls him saying emotional things to her. Drishti says I am okay with tomorrow. They all congratulate each other. Shalini says we have to find the basket. They check for the baskets. Sejal opens the basket and sees the money under the sweets. Sejal says so much money in this basket? What’s this for? Something is wrong. I should tell Veera madam. She packs the basket again. Shalini comes there and says what are you doing here? Why do you interefere in everything? Go from here. Shalini sees the money in the basket and asks Shail to pick it. The family leaves. Shalini says finally we got the money. Give it to those goons. Sejal hears it. She says why did they take money from the groom’s family?

Yohan looks at Arti’s photo and says I missed you a lot today. Is everything okay? Sejal says I will find out the truth. I will tell Veera everything.

Episode ends

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