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Scene 1
The engagement preps are going on. Sejal says I’ve to tell Veera about the money. Navi talks on call don’t come here, we will get in trouble. He comes out. Sejal follows him. A girl is there. She says you are marrying that girl and leaving me. He says I am doing this so we get this business deal. She is a useless girl, no one cares about her. I love you only. Sejal records it. Sejal says such a big lie. I will show this to Veera. Drishti keeps calling her boyfriend. She says why are you not picking the call if you get late I will have to marry someone else. sejal comes to Veera’s room and says Veera madam that Navi is a cheat. See this video, Veera is behind the curtain. Sejal says every girl deserves honesty and love. See this video. Sejal says please stop this marriage. She leaves it’s Shalini behind the curtain. She says I have to shut up this maid before she ruins my plan. Sejal says thank God I told Veera. Shalini shoves her in the room and locks the store. Sejal says open the door.

Scene 2
Tanhaji says to inspector give this terrorist to us so we can stop him from doing more plans. He says I am waiting for my senior officer. A senior policeman comes to the engagement. Navi is shocked to see him. Krish says to Navi he’s here to catch you. Navi says I didn’t do anything Krish says I was just joke. The guy is Abhishek, Shera’s son. Aarun says your son got so old you didn’t even tell me? Shera says your help made him educated. Aarun says why this cheap government job then. He could work in my company and get a car. Abhishek says papa told me it’s Drishti’s engagement. I thought it’s a good time to meet you and all her. Veera says we are happy.

Sejal says I know not it was Shalini in Veera’s room. She locked me here. Veera asks Shalini to bring Drishti. Yohan makes Drishti wear their mom’s bracelet. He wipes her tears. Shalini coms there as well. She says let’s go. Yohan gets a call. Sejal tries to get out. Shalini bring Drishti in the hall. Sejal screams for help. Navi gives roses to Drishti. Sejal sees a window but it has bars. Veera says where’s the ring. Sejal tries to break the bars. Navi picks the ring. Sejal tries to cut the bars. Drishti says where is Yohan? Yohan says to someone on call find Sohail. Prepare safety for others. Drishti breaks the bar and comes out. She falls.. Yohan holds her. Yohan says what was this? She says sorry sir. Sejal says I have to go inside fast. He says what were you doing in store? Sejal says it’s something weird. Yohan says what? Krish comes and says Yohan the engagement is on halt because of you. Let’s go.

Sejal comes to CCTV room and sends the guard somewhere. Abhhishek comes in the room and says who are you? Yohan gives the ring to Drishti. A strong beep sound plays. Everyone stops. Navi’s video plays on the TV. Everyone is shocked. He says to his girlfriend that useless girl will stay home and we will have fun together. I only love you. I am only marrying her for money. Yohan drags Navi down the stage. He says how dare you.. Aarun stops him. Dolly says how dare you accuse my son. Your family is full of greedy people. Yohan says what do you mean? Dolly says your son and DIL did this deal for 20 crores. Yohan says what are you saying?

Sejal says I will tell her truth. She says sir people who lie shouldn’t be trusted. She’s lying to save her son’s deeds. Everyone got to know about Navi so she’s accusing Shalini and Shail. Shalini says she’s right. WHat are you saying? Dolly says you’re lying. Didn’t you take 20 crores from us? Shalini says we have enough money. Why would we take money for our Drishti? Dolly says wow she’s eating your house. our son has girlfriend so what? Your daughter is useless. Keep her at your home. yohan says don’t you dare saying a word against my sister. Get out right now. Navi says I have no interest in this useless girl. Yohan hits him. Sejal stops him. Yohan asks everyone to leave. Navi and his family leave. Shalini says to Shail we’ve to return their money. He says how will we give it to those goons. Veera says thank God who played this video? Abhishek says I did. Yohan says thank you so much. He says I only played it but this girl found this video. Sejal says I had to expose him. I am the servant of this house. Veera says thank you, you are a blessing. You saved our daughter. Sejal says I am the house manager here. I did my duty. Aarun leaves in anger. Drishti says thank you for coming on right time. Yohan takes Drishti from there. Shalini says you see how I thank you now.

Episode ends

Precap-Shalini says you’re just a maid here so be that. Yohan saves Sejal from falling. she says not matter how much he pretends, he’s a terrorist.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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