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The Episode starts with Veera killing her employee and then threatening to kill Arbaaz if he thinks of betraying her. Shalini hears her shockingly. Veera sees Shalini and runs out behind her. Shalini runs to save her life. Yohan is with Adi. Drishti shows the romper brought by Sejal for Adi. Yohan thinks he misunderstood sejal, but she didn’t stop herself from taking care of his family. Sejal comes there and asks him to come. He asks if reports came. Sejal says yes, and tells that there were high traces of sleeping medicines in her blood. Yohan says those three women haven’t left my sister too. Shalini runs and hides somewhere. She thinks she has to tell Yohan and Sejal, about Veera’s truth. She calls yohan and Sejal, but they didn’t pick her call. Shalini says pick the call. Sejal says we will not let anyone suffer or die, it is a promise. He says yes. Shalini hears Veera asking Arbaaz and Ahana to kill Shalini, just as they see. Shalini runs from there, and calls Yohan again. She comes to the godown and hides. She sends message to Yohan. Veera comes there and asks Shalini to come out. Shalini cries.

Ahana calls her. They distract Shalini and pretend to leave. Shalini comes out. Veera shoots her. Arbaaz says she is dead. Veera hits herself with the gun. Ahana asks did you think of the story, to be told at home. Veera laughs aloud. She comes home and cries aloud, calling Arun and yohan. Ahana also comes with her and makes a sad face. Yohan asks her to say. Arbaaz comes there with the hospital ward boys, who bring the dead body there, and keep on the floor. Everyone is shocked. Yohan and Krish see the face, and find Shalini. They get shocked. Veera continues to shed fake crocodile tears. Arun asks how did this happen? Veera says we were going to take Mata Rani’s stuff, when some goons attacked us and misbehaved to take all the money and jewelry. She says then they asked me to give this ring, when I refused they….She cries. Ahana says they pushed Mummy and hits on her head. She says when the goon was about to shoot Mummy ji, Shalini comes in between and dies. Yohan sees Arbaaz and asks what your brother Ayub is doing here. Ahana says I was talking to ayub bhai on phone when this incident happened, he came to know and saved us. Veera tells Arun that Ayub saved us. Sejal asks when did this happen? Veera says one hour back, when we took her to hospital, it was late. Yohan says he got her call 1 hour ago, which he couldn’t pick. Sejal says this story is a drama to hide the truth. Arun thanks Arbaaz. Yohan says I shall call and inform Police. Ahana says I have informed Police and they started the enquiry. Arun says I shall call Shail, as Shalini’s last rites shall be done today itself. krish cries.

Everyone mourn for Shalini’s death. Krish tells Arun that he left message for Shail, he is in US flight. Sejal comes and tells Veera that they will get the goons punished, whoever killed Shalini. Krish asks Shalini to get up and says you are my only friend. Yohan says she is with us always. Pandit ji says they shall take the body for the last rites. They lift the dead body and starts walking. They cremate her in the electrical crematorium.

Ahana tells Veera that she killed Shalini, as she threw the housefly from the milk. Veera tells her instead of Arbaaz, that employee and Shalini got killed. She says remember and tell Arbaaz that whoever try to betray me, think of betray me or cheat me, will be killed. She says during the Ganesh Chaturvedi, I have planned to kill everyone, except me. Ahana asks what about me? Arun, Yohan and Krish come back home. Veera asks if everything is done. Arun says yes. Krish says I can’t believe that we have done bhabhi’s last rites. He hugs and apologizes to Yohan. He says now I know how you had felt when you lost your mother. Yohan cries too and says life is such, we learn to live with time, you will be alright. Arun goes to freshen up. Veera stops Yohan and says she is missing Aarti Didi. She asks if he is also missing her. Yohan thinks he couldn’t bear this woman’s drama anymore and controls his anger.

Precap: Ahana takes bath in the bath tub and thinks after many months, she got some peaceful time, and rejoices thinking about killing clever Shalini. Just then she sees Shalini’s message that she has died, but will take revenge from her death. She sees a reflection and then sees Shalini. ahana comes to Veera and complains about the ghost. She asks them to see the message on the mirror. Sejal asks where is the message?

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