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The Episode starts with Sejal coming home. He asks where did she go without informing. She says if everything goes well, then you will know during puja time. He says you have answered in riddle. The younger brother comes and tells veera that today is his football match. Veera says Yohan is your brother and there is havan for him. Sejal smiles as the flower petals on her. Yohan looks at her and comes to her. Kehdo naa plays…….He takes out the flower petals from her hair and clothes. Drishti asks her hubby where is he going? He says he got an important lead and will be back.

Pandit ji asks all the couples to sit. Sejal thinks why I couldn’t go away from the rituals related to marriage. Veera signs Sejal to sit. Sejal sits with Yohan. Pandit ji starts the havan.

Pandit ji does their tilak and ties thread to ther hands. Sejal asks if she can get one more mauli. Yohan asks what she will do with it? She says she has a hope. SK comes to know that all the parts of the guns are made in Nanda factory. SK says he will get Yohan arrested today. Sejal asks Pandit ji if she can make a wish openly. Pandit ji says surely. Shail and Shalini come there. Sejal looks at them. Everyone is happy to see them. Sejal says I wish that bhaiyya and bhabhi become part of this house and also havan. Everyone gets up from the havan. Aarun asks why did you both come uninvited. Shalini is about to leave. Sejal stops her and says I called them for havan. Yohan says after whatever Shalini bhabhi did with you. Sejal says I have learnt from you, that if person does mistake, they shall get a chance to become better. She then asks Aarun to accept Shail and Shalini. She asks Yohan if he will be happy to separate from Shail and says he is your brother and nobody can take his place, if he goes away from you then one side of your heart will be empty.

Yohan says Drishti and I think that we have lost Shail bhai. I am tired of fulfilling this relation. He says Shail bhai never made me feel that he needs me. Shalini says Yohan started blaming you and made you villain. She says you can’t become good in his eyes, and asks him to come. Yohan says puja is done. Shail calls Yohan and folds his hands, and cries. Yohan holds his hands. Shail apologizes and says I did a mistake. Yohan says your complaints are right, I am wrong and apologizes. Yohan hugs him and cries. Yohan also apologizes. Drishti hugs them. Veera cries getting emotional. Yohan says we missed you, please return home. Shail says he has returned and asks how are you, strong man. The younger brother goes and hugs them. Veera asks Aarun to see their kids happiness. She says today my years long dream is cherished and thanks Sejal. They take the selfie. Aarun says complete this havan else I will leave for office meeting. The younger brother hugs Shalini and says I missed you so much. Sejal ties mauli to Shalini and Shail’s hands. She then comes and sits with Yohan. They continue the havan.

SK tells that he wants warrant in 30 mins and don’t want to miss the chance to arrest Yohan and his father Aarun Nanda. Sejal serves the food to the Brahmins. She then asks Shalini to serve the food to them. Shail helps her. SK gets the warrant and says it shall be top secret that we are going to raid Nanda industries. The employee says they shall tell Sejal. SK says no. Shail thanks Sejal for calling him back. Sejal says Yohan was missing you. Drishti says we will keep your stuff in your room. Shail says yes. Veera says I want to bring out Sejal’s truth infront of all. She says I have seen you keeping your mangalsutra infront of Mata Rani and I know why you did this. She says it means that she will not wear it until Yohan gets fine and she worked hard to make him fine, and fulfilled his wish by bringing Shail here. She thanks her and says Yohan is fine because of you. She asks Yohan to fulfill Sejal’s Mannat by making her wear the mangalsutra. Yohan comes to Sejal and makes her wear the mangalsutra, while they think of their moments. Everyone is happy. SK is on the way to reach there.

Precap: SK comes to arrest Yohan and his father, and accuses them for involving in terrorist activities.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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