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The Episode starts with Veera telling Yohan that he is Aarti Didis’s reflection and that’s bearing so much, but until when? She says don’t know whose bad sight fell on our house, first Abhishek’s death, then Drishti’s condition, Sejal turning out to be terrorist and then Shalini’s death. Yohan says you don’t worry. Veera says why I shall not worry, you are staying with dangerous Sejal for your baby, though you hate lie, but still staying with her, when you have to marry mahira later. She says you are living a complicated life. Yohan says everyone gets punished for their doings and gets the fruit of their good deeds too. He says everything will be fine in our house, tomorrow is Ganapati puja so you take rest. He gets up to go from there.

Ahana is resting in the bath tub and takes wine glass and drinks. She says how I moved away clever Shalini from my way, and says cheers. She tries to switch on the music player, and finds it not working. She comes out of the bathroom. She thinks she couldn’t get two minute of peace. She hears the wind sound as the windows shake, and thinks she can’t get afraid of wind. She then sees the rocking chair moving and gets scared. She sees a big reflection behind the window, and she moves back scared. She sees Shalini’s message on the mirror that she has died and will not leave without taking revenge for her death. She sees Shalini walking in her room holding the candle and says impossible.

She runs to Veera’s room and knocks on the door. Veera and Arun open the door. Sejal, Yohan and Krish come there. Veera asks what happened? Arun says just now we had slept. Yohan asks if everything is fine. Ahana says there is Shalini bhabhi’s blood on her finger. She asks them to see the message which she has written on the mirror with her blood. Yohan says we have done her last rites and brought her ashes back. Ahana asks them to come to her room and see. Sejal asks what to see? Ahana sees the mirror clean. Arun asks what’s rubbish? Ahana says it was written on it that….Yohan says what? She thinks she can’t tell them, and says she has forgotten. Veera says its ok, says Mahira is traumatized with her death, and asks her to take rest.

The electricity goes in Yohan and Sejal’s room. Yohan asks her not to worry. Shalini’s ghost appears infront of them. Sejal says bhabhi. Shalini switches on the lights and asks did you think that I have become ghost. Yohan says if we had just 2 mins late to save you, then you would have roam here like a ghost. He smiles. A fb is shown. Yohan and Sejal come to the godown where Shalini is hiding. Yohan keeps hand on Shalini’s mouth. Shalini sees them. Yohan says we know Veera’s all truth, you don’t worry, we have to work together now, don’t get scared. They keep blood packet jacket inside her. Veera shoots her. Arbaaz checks her pulse and says she is dead. Then Arbaaz bringing Shalini’s presumed dead body to the Nanda Mansion. Krish cries holding Shalini’s feet. Yohan hugs him to stop him. They bring Shalini to the electrical crematorium. Tana ji comes there and asks for the sign. Krish and Arun go to sign. Tana ji asks yohan to send Shalini from there. Yohan asks Shalini to get up. Shalini gets up and goes. Tana ji keeps the dummy and they put the dummy in the electric crematorium. Fb ends. Shalini says your plan is superb, and says after I was shot, I don’t remember anything after that. She asks how they got sure that I am dead. Sejal says the water which I made you drink, I had mixed a medicine in it.

A fb is shown, Sejal asks Shalini to drink water first and calm down. Fb ends. Yohan says when you was shot, the medicine effect showed, when they checked your pulse…Shalini says they thought me dead. She does hifive with Sejal and asks them to praise her for superb acting, and says she is looking classy witch. Yohan says class will be left, if this idea don’t work infront of fake Mahira. Sejal says fear is the illness which blinds a person’s mind. She says we will scare her so much that she will tell us, what big blast they have planned. She says she will tell about Veera Nanda’s truth of being Sir ji. Yohan says bhabhi, I will drop you to your room, if anyone sees you then. Shalini closes the door. Krish comes there. Shalini thinks how to hide, if I move then Krish will hear the sound. Krish keeps her favorite flowers infront of her pic and hugs her photo frame. He says I have realized that you was my only friend bhabs. He cries and goes. Shalini closes the door, holds her favorite flowers, and says aww Krish, today I understood that you really cared for me, best dewar in the world.

In the morning, Shalini sees the family members having the food and thinks when Sejal will bring her food. Ahana sees her standing and closes her eyes. She opens her eyes and sees Shalini again. She calls everyone, asking them to see Shalini’s ghost. Veera asks where is the ghost? Ahana says Shalini is playing game with us. Sejal says Mahira is right. Yohan asks what are you saying? Sejal says babu ji used to say that whoever doesn’t get mukti, their soul roams like this, wanting to take revenge from the people who did wrong with that person. She asks Ahana, if she did wrong with Shalini, that she is seeing her ghost.

Veera comes to Ahana and asks if she is believing on ghost, being the member of Mission Azaadi. Ahana says even I don’t believe, but saw it. Veera says few days left for our mission to end, and asks her not to do any foolishness. Ahana says if anyone gets in trouble then its you, I will tell your truth to everyone. Veera says ok. She takes gun and aims at her. Ahana says she didn’t mean. Veera says good, and asks her to do work and focus on our mission.

Yohan and Sejal laugh that Shalini scared Ahana. Yohan says if we had get caught then? Sejal says I will never get Veera Nanda know about Shalini bhabhi. Yohan says yes, as my wife is no. 1 spy. He asks if we will really name our baby as hichki or khakra. Sejal says she is scared that the distance shall not come between them. She gets teary eyes. Yohan says I understand your sacrifice and says I love you. Sejal says I love you too. Ahana thinks if she has a misunderstanding, if Shalini is there or not. She sees Shalini going and follows her. She shouts and sees her foot prints in the garden, near the secret room lid. Shalini asks her to come to her. Heavy wind comes. Ahana goes inside the room. Yohan comes there and closes the lid, waits there. Ahana thinks this is the same room, where Veera had kept Aarti’s skeleton. She sees Shalini and shouts. Yohan hears her screams.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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