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The Episode starts with Veera asking Sejal what she shall do? What will happen with her. She acts crazy and laughs. She asks what did you think that you will record me with this phone, and I will not know. She says you are a good spy, and recorded everything in the phone for proof, but I am your saas, in age, experience, cunningness three times more than you. She says no phone works here. She asks her to play her phone and says G for Gayab. Sejal finds no recording in her mobile. Veera says we shall take selfie with Didi. They take selfie with Skeleton, but no photo gets saved in the mobile. Sejal looks on. Veera says I was fed up of acting good with you, now feeling good. Sejal says if proofs can’t go to Police, then Police can come here. Veera picks a knife and aims at her. Sejal says when Yohan comes to know what you have done with Aarti Maa, then he will not leave you. Veera says you are talking about murder here, and says just like I am not a mother but a murderer mother, this knife is not a knife, but a.. She presses the remote and switches on the TV. Sejal sees Minal and Saras’s house live footage. Sejal asks how dare you to reach my home? Veera says same way, as you reach the house. She says she has just installed cameras and bombs in the house, and says it will blast when I blink my eye lashes. She says my people are around your house, so don’t think of doing anything. Sejal says you can’t do anything and says I have saved Yohan many times from under your nose. Veera says Yohan is with someone else in Nanda Mansion, and I am feeling ashamed to tell what is happening there. She switches live footage to Nanda Mansion. Yohan is sitting and working. Fake mahira goes from there wearing sejal’s saree. Yohan sees her and comes to her, says I couldn’t find you as you was doing this planning. He says when you have done such a planning then I was thinking. He hugs her from behind. Veera switches off the TV. Yohan sees Mahira and moves back. He asks why are you wearing this saree. Mahira says Sejal had given me this saree. Sejal tells Veera that Yohan will not fall to your plan. Veera says I have trapped Arun this way only and just slide your pallu and see what you get. Sejal tries to open the door. Veera says my trained Mahira will snatch everything from you and you can’t do anything. She opens the door with the knife remote and says she enjoyed. Sejal runs out.

Yohan asks Mahira why she has lighted the candles. Mahira says she was upset, so that’s why lit the candles to feel better with its smell. He says I am sorry, I thought Sejal is standing here and asks her to chill. He says he will go. Mahira asks if you will spend sometime with me. He says he is going to PS tomorrow for Farid. She says she will come with him. She asks him to see the breaking star. Yohan makes a wish that he shall have Sejal always. She thinks I won’t let Sejal to be with you. She lights her pallu with the candle. Yohan opens his eyes and sets off the fire. He asks how did this fire break out. He turns seeing her saree down. Sejal is on the way and thinks she trusts Yohan fully, but don’t trust the trained girl. Yohan removes his shirt and gives to Mahira. Mahira asks him to promise that he will protect her always. He says he has given this promise to Sejal. He asks her to go to her room. She pretends as if she can’t walk and says her foot is burnt. Yohan lifts her and takes her to room. Sejal comes there and sees Yohan making Mahira lie down on the bed. She gets shocked. Yohan says Mahira’s saree had caught fire and her foot was burnt, so I was not understanding what to do. He tries to clarify. Sejal comes to him and says yohan, you don’t need to clarify, as you will be right in my eyes always. She says I love you. Yohan says I love you too. Mahira gets upset. Sejal asks Mahira, if her foot is much burnt. Mahira says she will be fine by tomorrow. Sejal asks her to be careful while lighting the candle. She says sometimes the person lighting the fire, gets burnt in itself. She says my saree is burnt, you can keep it, I will send another saree for you. She says we can share anything except my husband, who is just mine. Mahira says ofcourse. She asks Yohan if they are going to PS tomorrow to know about farid bhai. He says yes. Sejal and Yohan leave from Mahira’s room. Mahira gets upset.

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