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Scene 1
Veera does Yohan and Aleesha’s arti. Yohan recalls Mahira. The song hamari adhuri kahani plays. Sejal lays there in chunri. Veera says to drishti stay here till Yohan’s wedding. I want the entire family together.
Aleesha comes near Yohan. Yohan says what are you doing? She says get used to this closeness. Yohan says this wedding isn’t done as per my will. Aarun nanda forced. I can’t love you, I can pretend to be happy. My hands are tied but yours aren’t. She says I love you like crazy. I know how to snatch love me He says are you crazy? Aleesha says do you love someone else? Yohan recalls playing with Mahira. He said I’ll share everything with you. Aleesha says do you love someone else?

Sejal wakes up. She recalls everything. She sees chunri on her. Yohan says why talk about love I can’t get. Aleesha says but you got me. Forget all old love. Sejal comes to Yohan and says thank you for saving me. He says you have to do my wedding work so.. Go have a hot tea. Aleesha comes there. Shalini says who are you looking for? She says Yohan. Shalini says Yohan got that girl back, dad fired her. She took your chunri. Aleesha says shut up. Your husband can do these things not my Yohan. Shalini people who think nothing can go wrong, your house will be burned by a maid.

Scene 2
Aarun and Minister are talking. He says you didn’t introduce your SIL. What does he do? Veera says he’s a police officer. Minister says like our body guard? Aarun says we need a person from the police in our line. Minister asks where are your parents? Veera says let’s go see the clothes. Sejal comes. Yohan says have this hot water. Because even if you get sick I will get my work done. Drink it. Aleesha looks at them. She leaves. Aleesha says why do you care about her? He says I only care for my sister.

Shalini says to bring the cake. Sejal brings the cake. Shalini makes her slip.. She falls and the cake falls too. Sejal says sorry madam. She picks it. Yohan says don’t forget your job profile. You are my assistant. Bring another cake. She says okay. He asks housekeeping to clean it. Sejal says why is he doing this drama? Sejal collides with Yohan. He says doing another mistake? You have 10 minutes. Get another cake. Sejal says yes sir. He says smile now. Aleesha looks at them. She says your outfit is dirty. He says I will change it. Shalini says to Sejal some people do anything for attention. They break cakes.. Sejal hears the servant telling Shera the freezer was locked by someone. Shalini says to Aleesha Sejal dropped the cake and it was on Yohan’s clothes? How?

Scene 3
Sejal comes home. Minal says see these gifts. Jatin and his family are coming tomorrow. Come early from work. It’s a big day. Sejal falls asleep. Minal says sleep well, it’s a big day tomorrow. Sejal sees Fareed in her dreams. She says Fareed bhai.. Sejal sees Yohan putting a gun on him and taking him away. Sejal wakes up. Tanhaji tells Sejal Yohan just left the house. Follow his location. Sejal follows his location. Sejal and Tanhaji come to the police station. Sohail is dead in his cell. Everyone is shocked. His neck is cut.t Sejal screams. Tanhaji checks and says I will open an inquiry. How was he killed in the police station? Inspector says we went for the minister’s protocol. Abhishek sent them to Nanda house. Tanhaji says Sohail got a call today from Nanda mansion. Sejal says he died because of Yohan? Someone cleans his gloves. SK comes too. Sejal says he killed Sohail.. How will I get my Fareed bhai.. She cries. Sejal recalls her mission. She recalls Fareed. Sejal cries. She says will I ever find you? When will this end.

Episode ends

Precap: Yohan bumps into Sejal, says wow you remember everything now. Sejal says to him, yes I remember everything what is said and what is hidden.
Alisha says to Yohan, that stupid servant. Yohan says she isn’t servant and is my personal secretary and has a name, are you jealous?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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