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Scene 1
Veera says Sejal was asking me.. she helped me serve dinner. Sejal is out in rain. She shivers Yohan runs out. He picks her. She says no I didn’t do anything. Yohan picks her and takes her inside. She faints. Yohan recalls tying her and feels bad. He takes her to the room. Minal breaks the glass. Saras says are you okay? She says I miss Sejal. She’s not okay. I know she has fasted. I hope she ate on time. Yohan takes Sejal to the bed. Minal calls her. Jatin comes. He says I will call Sejal now. I thought we will video call. Minal says she will talk to you and break her fast. Video call her. Yohan gives Sejal first ain. He makes her drink water with medicine. Jatin calls. Minal says something is wrong. Let’s go to Dehli. Saras says we can’t go like this. I am sure she’s not alone there. Yohan leaves. He’s about to turn off the light. He recalls she’s scared of the dark. He leaves the light open.

Scene 2
Sejal wakes up the next morning. She sees the band on her head. Sejal says how did I come to the room. She recalls last night. Sejal runs out. She says where is he? She sees Yohan leaving. Sejal goes after him. Veera stops her. She says those chicken and letters, I don’t wanna get into that but be very careful. Sejal says sorry madam I will be careful. I have to go for work. Veera says we have to go to night school for annual function. Sejal says night school? She says it was Arti didi’s dream project for kids who work in the day. Yohan has left for the function already. We have to go now as well.

Scene 3
Shera manages security at the event. Krish comes with Aarun, Shalini and Shail. Veera meets the guests. Yohan says welcome to this function. I know this year too you will all love the performance of the kids and it will give peace to my mom. Arti nanda loved kids. She made this school who help their parents and work in the day. Let’s see those talented kids perform. Sejal comes too. Jatin calls her. He says are you okay? She says I am out at a function at Arti Nanda school. He says but you work at a hotel right? She says yes. But my hotel sponsored food for these kids. He says it’s important.. She says I will talk to you later. The kids perform. Sejal keeps an eye on Yohan.

Yohan runs upstairs. Sejal goes after him. She sees clothes outside that Sohail was wearing. Sejal says has he hidden Sohail here in this school? Yohan goes in a class. Sejal follows him. She tries to hear inside. Sejal peeks in. Sohail is inside. Yohan says police is looking for you, do you know? Sejal is shocked. Sohail says bhai only you can save me. Police will catch me. I only remembered this school’s name so I came here. Yohan says you messed the plan. I don’t want any drama here. The whole plan is ruined. Sejal calls Tanhaji and says that bomber Sohail here in Arti Nanda night school. She says Yohan came here to meet him. You can arrest him. Tanhaji says I am coming. Keep an eye on him. Tanhaji calls his force and says that terrorist is there. We have to arrest him from Arti Nanda school.

Yohan says to Sohail you will ruin the mission. I won’t let anyone come between me and my mission. Sejal says has he planned more bomb blasts? Is he the same person he’s at home? She drops her phone.. Yohan looks outside. He says to Sohail let me check. You stay here.

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