Sri Lanka Economic Crisis: LPG crisis, people standing in line on the streets for hours, there was an outcry

Sri Lanka Crisis: The situation in Sri Lanka is getting worse and worse, with the currency weakening, inflation has also skyrocketed. The prices of items of daily use, whether it is the price of vegetables, whether it is the price of fruits, whether it is the cost of fuel, are all touching the sky. Even after the Emergency, there has been no improvement in the situation in the country. The worst situation is of LPG where people have to wait for hours on the roads for LPG. 

The general public of Sri Lanka is facing problems for LPG cylinders. People are finding it very difficult to get gas cylinders. Local people told that people wait in the streets for hours in line waiting for gas cylinders, even after that they are not getting LPG cylinders. Due to non-availability of gas cylinders to the people, their problems are increasing continuously. When ABP talked to the local Hindi-knowers there, the pain of the people spread, telling their mood, they said, now only God knows when will be able to come out of this crisis.

auto driver told about fuel crisis in sri lanka Those who used to earn about ₹ 4000 earlier in the day have also come to an end, now when they came, hardly a thousand have remained. Said that if petrol is not available then what will you do, you will sit in the house but the question is who will take care of our family and children. The price of petrol was ₹ 150 per liter two-three months from now, which has now increased to ₹ 338 per liter.

Medical facilities also destroyed
Sri Lanka currently lacks medical facilities. People have to go through bad conditions due to lack of medicines. Local people told that at present there are such conditions in the country that even if a dog bites a person, then even the injection of rabies is not available till the death of the patient. At the same time, the students, while keeping their problems, told that they also have a lot of problems because they are not able to buy even the books they need.

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