Sri Lanka: PM Rajapaksa told the protesters – We are losing dollars because of your performance

The scarcity of food and fuel coupled with record inflation and regular blackouts has brought Sri Lankans unprecedented suffering in the most painful recession since independence from Britain in 1948.

‘Lockdown had to be implemented despite the economy going down’
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s elder brother Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse said,"We are facing this crisis, right after facing the pandemic. Despite the country’s economy going down, we had to implement the lockdown and hence our foreign reserves were exhausted." They said, "The President and I are trying every moment to figure out how to get Sri Lanka out of this current crisis."

‘Don’t disturb war heroes’
Prime Minister Rajapaksa said, "My family and I have received more humiliation than anyone, but we have become used to such insults. But my dear sons and daughters, please do not disturb the war heroes who saved our country from terrorism."

PM said, "We requested all the parties in the Parliament to come forward to build the country and revive the economy, no one came forward to do so and therefore, we as the present government will take full responsibility to revive the economy."

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