Sri Lanka: The economic crisis made the situation worse, lack of insulin in the children’s hospital

According to doctors, supplies have been dwindling for weeks and there is a danger of completely running out of vital medical supplies, including insulin which is of utmost importance as it is vital for the survival of children with acute type 1 diabetes.

Lack of medical equipment and medicines in the country
Sri Lanka is facing shortage of medical equipment and medicines due to lack of foreign exchange reserves. The World Bank has pledged $10 million to import critical life-saving medical equipment.

protests continued on Tuesday 
Meanwhile, protests against the government, which started on Saturday, continued in front of the President’s Secretariat in Kol‍Nambo for the fourth day on Tuesday. Local musicians entertained the protesters on Monday night and in the morning it was reported that a rap artist named Shiraz had died of a heart attack at the protest site.

People criticized the government on various social media platforms. One protester wrote, ‘We have come here because those we have chosen have let us down. We will continue our protest till he leaves.’

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