Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is desperate for money, the hotel is deserted, foreign guests are not coming

Sri Lanka Crisis: The situation in Sri Lanka is getting worse and worse, with the currency weakening, inflation has also skyrocketed. The tourism industry has also been seriously affected amidst the economic crisis. Giving information, a tourist guide from Colombo said that the hotels are completely empty and the beaches are deserted. He says that for the last two months, no tourists are coming due to volatility and rising prices. 

Rajapaksa resigns as PM

Vikram Singh became the new prime minister

Most opposition parties do not want to be in government

Most opposition parties in Sri Lanka announced on Friday that they would not join the interim government of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe but would support economic policies from outside to help improve the situation in the debt-ridden country.

Sri Lanka is facing the biggest economic crisis

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