Stomach Ache: These home remedies will give instant relief in stomach pain and loose motion

Stomach Ache Home Remedies: In the summer season, loose motion and stomach ache occur due to scorching heat and heat. This problem is more often seen in children. In such a situation, you must know about some special home remedies so that there is no weakness in the body of the children and their health remains fine. Here are some such special home remedies, which you can use for adults as well as children…

Abdominal pain 

Stomach pain with loose motion 

Nausea with abdominal pain 

If the pain in the stomach is fast or slow and if you are facing the problem of nausea, then you should immediately chew the celery leaves with some black salt and drink a little lukewarm water from above.

Loose motion without abdominal pain

What to eat when you feel hungry in loose motion

But if you are having stomach pain with loose motion then you should not eat banana but should eat curd rice. They also prevent loose motion and the antibacterial properties present in curd also kill disease-causing bacteria.

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