Stone patients should consume these fruits, there will be no problem

Nowadays people have started having a lot of stones problem, the biggest reason is bad lifestyle and food. In fact, when the problem of stones surrounds the person, then they often have problems like stomach pain, urinary infection, which make the person restless. In such a situation, doctors give medicines but at the same time they also give advice to improve their diet. In such a situation, it is very important to know what things should be consumed by a person suffering from stones and which things should not be consumed. The first way to correct lifestyle and eating habits is to consume more and more fruits. It is important for you to know that not all fruits are good for stone patients. Today we are telling you which fruits a person suffering from stones should eat and which should not. 

Which fruits to consume in kidney stone 

eat citrus fruits ie citric fruits
A person suffering from stones should consume more and more citrus fruits. In such a situation, you can consume orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc. These are beneficial for stone patients. 

Fruits which are high in calcium
Patients of stones should consume those fruits, which are rich in calcium. In such a situation, eat grapes, berries, kiwi, etc. under any circumstances.

Which fruits should not be consumed at all
Dry Fruits
Sweet Potato
Intake of these fruits It should not be done at all because it further promotes the problem of stones.

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