Style Tips: Pair such a blouse on a sari, everyone will ask how the design got done

Latest Designs Of Blouse To Pair With Saree: Saree is an important part of Indian housewives. Saree is the best outfit for women to wear because it is also attractive and you can wear it anywhere. Be it any function, saree is the best outfit. You can carry it anywhere. India is a country of festivals. So many festivals are celebrated here, in all the sarees give a perfect look and suits women very well.

Another important part with a saree is the blouse (How To Pair Blouse With Saree) which is paired with the saree. Blouses work to add charm to the saree. Many times it happens that women have many saris but no blouse, what happens is that their look gets spoiled. Many times women have to take care of the problem of fitting of blouse.

Pair the blouse with coat or shrug

If the blouse is coming loose to you and you can’t get it fitted right away, don’t worry. You can pair koti or shrug with blouse.  It will not only make your look beautiful but it will also make it stylish. But don’t make mistake in choosing coat and shrug. Like if your blouse is printed then choose koti simple and if you have plain blouse then carry printed koti or shrug.

off shoulder blouse

These types of blouses are trending a lot these days. Women love to wear them. You can carry off shoulder blouse on both sari or lehenga. Also, wear a choker necklace with this look, while the necklace will complete your look.

Dori Blouse

A blouse becomes loose for a long time and their design also gets spoiled. There is no need to throw away this type of blouse. You can give them a new look by fitting them with double and wear them on any festival. The blouse can be fitted with a string with a tassel.

Hooked Blouse

Blouse If the blouse has grown due to not doing it for a long time, then you can tie it with the help of a hook. The perfect fitting can be brought by hooking the blouse.

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