Success Story: Quit job after listening to PM Modi’s first ‘Mann Ki Baat’, now giving employment to 70 people

PM Modi Mann ki Baat Effect: Ram Sagar Yadav (Ram Sagar Yadav), a resident of Majha Emilia village under Uchkagaon block of Gopalganj district of Bihar, became a successful businessman after leaving his job. Have become businessmen. According to Yadav, when Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) had become the Prime Minister for the first time and his first ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program had come, he was inspired to do Khadi work only after listening to it.&nbsp ;

In an interview given to a newspaper, Yadav said that PM Modi had mentioned Khadi in his first Mann Ki Baat program in 2014, from where he felt that work should be done on it. He said that after this his mind became completely firm to get into business when he went to an ashram in Champaran and saw the work of Khadi. Yadav told that he had started the work of Khadi while doing a job, but in 2019 he got completely immersed in it. He told that he was a manager in SBI Life Insurance. The name of the startup of Ram Sagar Yadav is ‘Kushgram Khadi Gramodyog Sansthan’. According to Yadav, at present he is giving employment to 70 people of the village, mostly women. 

Work is done from thread to dress

Ram Sagar Yadav told that in the factory, the work is done from making thread from cotton to weaving cloth with handloom and then preparing it completely. The cloth is also dyed and printed khadi cloth is prepared for the younger generation. Apart from this, Khadi sarees are also prepared for women. 

According to Yadav, kurta-pajama cloth, shirt-pant cloth and khadi sadri (jacket) are prepared in his factory. He told that the demand for Sadri is more in Uttar Pradesh than in Bihar. At present the demand for the products is so much that we are not able to meet them. 

Products offered to Reliance

What other products are made?

Ram Sagar Yadav told that apart from clothes, he is preparing organic turmeric powder, cumin powder, black pepper powder, incense sticks, soap etc. everyday products. He told that he makes a special type of papaya bath soap, in which papaya seeds have been used. He said that very essential and less harmful chemicals are used sparingly in products like soap, due to which there is little possibility of harm to people. 

Ram Sagar Yadav told his dream

This message was given to the youth

Successful Khadi businessman Ram Sagar Yadav, giving a message to the youth, said, “If you do a job, you take care of yourself and your family, if you start a startup, you feed many families.” If you know how, you should do a job, start a startup.”

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