Summer Health Care: Mint gives coolness, many diseases are cured by eating it

Mint Leaves Benefits In Summer: Mint is mainly used in two ways in the summer season. The first one is used for making chutney and the second for making Jaljeera or Mango panna. Both these uses of mint are very beneficial. Mint is rich in antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, it plays a big role in keeping the stomach healthy. Know here, which health problems you can avoid during the summer season by regular consumption of mint…

1. Prevent heatstroke
Due to heat stroke in the summer season, the health can worsen a lot. To avoid problems like vomiting, loose motion, weakness and nervousness, before leaving the house, drink Jaljeera or Mango Pana made from mint leaves.

2. Infection will not flourish

3. Save from headache and nervousness

  • Header often causes headache, so you can make tea of ​​mint leaves and consume it every day in the morning. This will give you relief in the problem of headache. 
  • Some people get nervous due to heat, if this is the case with you too, then grind mint leaves and make a paste. Take half a teaspoon of paste, dissolve it in a glass of water and prepare a drink by mixing lemon, black salt, roasted cumin, etc.

4. Nausea 

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