Summer Health: Drink Triphala buttermilk in summer, will help in weight loss and increase digestion power

Weight Loss Tips: If you get to drink curd, buttermilk or lassi with food in summer, then it becomes fun. To keep the stomach healthy and reduce weight, you must include raita or buttermilk in the food. Drinking buttermilk helps in digestion. Apart from this, buttermilk is also beneficial in protecting from heat and heat. If you have problems with gas, indigestion or constipation, then drinking buttermilk gives relief. You can drink mint or triphala buttermilk in summer. By drinking Triphala buttermilk, gas and indigestion are removed and it helps in reducing weight. 

Benefits of Triphala Buttermilk

Loss Weight- Triphala has many such properties, which reduces body fat, drinking Triphala buttermilk gradually reduces weight. Apart from this, this buttermilk also keeps the small intestine and large intestine healthy. Helps with digestion.

Cooling in the stomach- Drinking Triphala buttermilk calms the stomach. Apart from this, there is also relief in the burning sensation caused by spicy food in the stomach. Spices like cumin, black salt added to buttermilk also heal your digestive system.

Keep constipation away- People suffering from constipation and indigestion for a long time should drink Triphala buttermilk before sleeping at night. It helps in digestion and keeps the stomach clean too. 

reduce cholesterol- Triphala buttermilk works to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. It contains substances that reduce greasiness. Along with this, it also reduces inflammation and fat from the body.

How to make Triphala buttermilk 
To make Triphala buttermilk, soak Triphala powder in water for 1 hour. Now add buttermilk to it and drink it after adding black salt. If you want, you can also add ground mint to it.

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