Summer Health Tips: If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, then definitely consume fennel water, you will get many benefits

Benefits of Fennel Water: Fennel is such a thing which is very easily available in the kitchen of all of us. By using fennel in food, we can enhance the taste of our food. Apart from this, we can also use it as a mouth freshener after eating because its effect is very cold. In most hotels, fennel is served with sugar candy.

How to make fennel water-
If you want to make fennel water (Weight Loss by Saunf Water) for weight loss, then take a spoonful of fennel and add it to one and a half cups of water. Mix it and keep it soaked overnight. After this, wake up in the morning and boil this water with fennel. Boil it till it becomes 1 cup. After this, filter it and separate the fennel. After that leave this water till it becomes lukewarm. After this, drink water on an empty stomach. You will get many health benefits. Your Weight Loss Tips by Fennel Seeds will start happening soon after consuming it.

Fennel water has many benefits-
Let us tell you that many such properties are found in fennel water, so it is very beneficial for our health. It helps in keeping our digestive system strong. A large amount of fiber is present in fennel. With this, it helps in burning fat in the body as soon as possible. It also helps in controlling the level of insulin and cholesterol in the body. This does not give you heart disease. Along with this, it also helps to strengthen the eyesight.

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