Summer Tips: If you have to go out in the heat and sun, then keep these 5 things in mind, you will not fall ill

Summer Health Tips: Summer is breaking records everyday. It is becoming difficult to get out of the house in the hot sun and heat. As soon as we leave the house, it seems as if fire is raining from the sky. People are troubled by the scorching heat. In such a situation, many people have to move out of the house in connection with work, due to which the risk of heat stroke and heat stroke increases significantly. Many diseases start occurring due to dehydration in summer. Eating spoiled food and contaminated things causes stomach upset. If you go out of the house, keep these things in mind. With this you can avoid getting sick in summer. 

1- Do not stay out of the house in the sun for a long time. Try not to leave the house between 12 noon and 3 pm and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

2- If going out in the sun, then use sunscreen properly on the skin. Carry an umbrella, hat, wet towel and cool water to avoid tanning and sunburn in the hot sun.

3- Avoid eating outside food. Especially open and fried food should not be eaten. Take care of cleanliness in food items and eat food after washing hands. 

4-  Drink more and more fluids. Drink plenty of water, drink lemon water. Take care not to drink cold or ice water in the sun. 

5- In summer, keep eating seasonal fruits like melon, watermelon, mango, cucumber, cucumber. Apart from this, also drink buttermilk, lassi, raw aap ka pana, bael ka sherbet or sattu ka sharbat.

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